Rien & Judith

John Lennon (in his song 'Beautiful Boy') said it best when he sang that:

"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans."

This statement cannot be more true for all the happenings over this past year and no one knows this better than Rien & Judith. They planned for their wedding day to take place on the 30th of May this year, then corona happened... The world went into lockdown and all types of gatherings were banned and we all held our breath for a while... hoping that all the panic would end soon. Unfortunately, their wedding could not go ahead as planned, but they adapted their plans quickly and delayed their wedding until September whilst keeping a smile on their faces throughout it all. Luckily... their wedding could still take place this year... but more about that later.

First... let me tell you more about Rien & Judith:


When I asked Rien & Judith about the story of how they met, they both just smiled and Judith giggled. Judith said that Rien had the most beautiful blue eyes that she had ever seen and Rien said point blank that he was NOT looking for a relationship back then but that he really liked Judith... which is what made him look her up (eventually).

It was in February 2016, when Rien went with his brother (Hermen) to the academy where Judith studied, Hogeschool Viaa. Hermen used to make use of the study facilities at Viaa and from there, knew Judith as they used to meet up from time to time. This was the first time that Rien & Judith saw each other - on the steps of 'Hogeschool Viaa'. Judith can recall looking at Rien as he walked away and when Rien turned around, she noticed 'the most beautiful blue eyes' she'd ever seen...

I asked Rien & Judith if it was love at first sight and they both said that they were not sure, but from Judith's expression when she tells of Rien's blue eyes and from the fact that Rien turned around to look at her after their first meeting... I think that the answer is clear :)

A few weeks later, Judith went for coffee with a friend when the two of them bumped into Rien & Hermen. Rien recalls talking to Judith's friend whilst Judith was talking to his brother. Both of them actually wanting to do nothing but talk to each other (they admitted later). After this night, Rien got in touch with Judith on Facebook and Judith suggested that they continue their conversation over WhatsApp (which is when she gave him her number). And this... is when it all started :)

After chatting for a while they agreed to meet at 'Het Engelse Werk' in Zwolle. Judith explains that she was super nervous for a whole week before their meeting. So nervous that she couldn't eat or sleep... Rien said that he never gave it much thought, until the day of their meeting. Shortly before leaving for Het Engelse Werk to meet Judith, Rien started having doubts, realising that he didn't really want a relationship and he even considered not going... But as he REALLY liked Judith... he decided to go and this decision... was a decision which changed the course of his life.

Judith's friend cycled with her half the way to help calm her nerves. On the way to Het Engelse Werk, they realised that Rien would probably be cycling the same route. Just as Judith started cycling the last part by herself, Rien cycled up from behind her and they finished the last part of the route together. They both said that them cycling together broke the ice and that there was instantly a click between them. The date was amazing and from that day on... they were inseparable.


About 3 years after they first met, Rien (who was certain that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Judith) planned a very special proposal. On the 24th of March 2019, Rien asked Judith to go for a walk through the forest of Laag Zuthem. There was a little chapel on the route which Rien decorated with wild flowers (with the help of Judith's friend - Inge Sophie). Judith had no idea that the flower filled chapel was especially decorated for her and as she was looking around the chapel, appreciating the beauty of all the flowers, Rien went down on one knee and asked Judith to marry him. Rien was so nervous that he forgot the words to the speech which he had prepared but before he could say anything... Judith had already said 'Ja, natuurlijk!!'. (Yes, of course!).


I first met Rien & Judith on the 10th of July 2019, not long after their engagement. By the time we met, they had already planned out their whole wedding. They were to get formally married in Zwolle on the 26th of May 2020 and have a full wedding celebration with their family and friends on the 30th of May 2020.

But early 2020 something happened which no one was able to predict... Covid-19!

Rien & Judith acted fast and delayed their wedding to 3 September 2020, hoping that the corona panic would be over by then. They decided to still go ahead with registering their marriage on the 26th of May and spent the day with a very small group, celebrating their love with those closest to them. Below is an image from this day:

Photos on this day made by Hugo & Floor

When the 3rd of September arrived, the Netherlands were no longer in lockdown, but social distancing however, had become 'the new normal'. This meant that Rien & Judith would still not have the wedding they dreamed of when they first got engaged, but... they would have an amazing day no matter what and not even the rain was going to get them down!

Their wedding took place at the wonderful Onder Ons in Dalfsen and it was truly beautiful. Debby (from Onder Ons) helped to make each detail of the day memorable during this challenging time. It was intimate and special and you could tell that all their guests felt truly happy to be able to celebrate this day with them, seeing as so many special events had to be cancelled this year.

Rien & Judith described their wedding as festive, cozy, on a small scale, relaxed, no stress and the type of celebration which suited them perfectly.

When I asked Rien & Judith what their favourite moments were, they said that a few moments which stood out to them, were:

  • Judith's getting ready in their city apartment in Zwolle;
  • Their 'first look' moment when they first saw each other in their wedding attire;
  • Saying their vows to each other;
  • Cutting their wedding cake;
  • Celebrating with family and friends; and
  • Still doing a little dance in the evening (even though it wasn't as they had imagined it would be).

Rien & Judith planned their day in different blocks (with different groups of guests for each block) so that they could get the chance to spend some time with all their guests in smaller groups while still adhering to the rules of social distancing. Their reception was very relaxed. They had a barista to welcome guests with gourmet coffees and a table filled with vinyls which guests could choose from to be played by the deejay.

A big thank you goes out to these awesome companies that helped make Rien & Judith’s day so special:

When I asked Rien & Judith which special little details of their day meant the most to them, this is what they said:

  • The floral arrangements which were done by Judith's mom;
  • Rien's cufflinks (showing his love for fishing);
  • Judith's wedding dress; and
  • The engraving inside their wedding bands (which contained the other date of when they were first married).

Judith said that her only concerns were about her wedding dress. When I asked her what she meant, she explained the exact problem that most of us went through during the time of being 'locked down'. She had bought her dress in October 2019 already and had her first fitting prior to the corona lockdown when it still fit perfectly. Then... all gyms closed and we were literally locked down in our homes and hardly went anywhere... Judith was so worried that due to the lack of exercise that she would not fit into her wedding dress, especially after picking up some 'corona kilos'. Six weeks before the wedding her dress was quite tight, but then she was able to exercise again and worked hard on her diet and it all worked out perfectly as her dress fit (and she looked stunning!!!).

They never had a 'first dance' due to the restrictions, but one of their favourite songs which played when Judith walked in with her father during their wedding ceremony, was 'White Mustang' by Lana del Rey.

A special thanks goes out from Rien & Judith to a few of their wedding suppliers who went above and beyond to make their day a success:

  • Debby (Onder Ons) who ensured that this day was unforgettable; and
  • Jarno (Mobiel Vinyl) and Charlie (Charlie Wessels Fotografie) who helped with the planning of the day and whom it was great working with. (Thank you Rien & Judith, I loved working with you too!!!).

Rien & Judith's advice to other couples planning their wedding, is to start long in advance... the day goes really fast so try and enjoy it all. I couldn't agree more with this advice... I would also say that appointing a master of ceremonies that you can trust to run the day for you... makes all the difference :)

What Rien & Judith were most thankful for, was being able to celebrate this day of love with all the one's that they love.

Rien & Judith, thank you for sharing your story with us. We wish you all the love and happiness in the world!!! :)


Here's a few more images from their day: