Luuk & Marloes - Raalte, The Netherlands

Luuk & Marloes met whilst in the same class at school over a decade ago. It was their shared love for cooking which got them talking after which they became good friends and since then… they have become inseparable.

This is the story of Mr & Mrs Fuselier:

Love Shoot Raalte

 Luuk & Marloes are a super relaxed couple who love being in each other company and do most things together, including commuting to work, daily shopping and caring for their little bunny, Holly. They met in the September of 2005 whilst sitting next to each other in their maths class at school. They explained to me that it all really started when they got to talking one day at school, about their shared hobby and love for cooking. For different reasons, they both cooked a lot at home and it seems that they ensured their meals were always special. Their discussions were about different ways of cooking salmon, steak, pizza and other dishes. Marloes told me that they were in the same group of friends and that each day, during their break, Luuk would fetch tea (for Marloes) and coffee (for himself), without her ever having to ask.

Their friendship only grew and as a couple, they naturally grew towards each other, which lead to them having their first kiss on the 9th of February 2008 during a night out with their group of friends. They explain to me that Luuk had cupped Marloes’ ears to guard them from the music which was playing… when Luuk… leant in and kissed Marloes. This night, was officially the beginning of their relationship. It was not expected by any of their friends and some… might have even thought that it would not last. Now… more than 11 yrs later, they are still together and planning the rest of their lives as husband and wife :)

I asked them how the proposal happened when they both laughed and first informed me of their ‘non-proposal’. In 2017, they were on holiday in Athens when, whilst standing at the top of the Acropolys, Marloes felt sure that this was the moment that Luuk would choose propose as it was just so perfect! But Luuk, had other ideas and he ensured that his proposal, was going to be a surprise to Marloes.

It was just over a year later, in April 2018, whilst on holiday in Rome, when they were sitting on a terrace in the sun, enjoying a glass of wine, when Luuk casually asked Marloes to be his wife. They both described the moment as being super relaxed and absolutely perfect for them :)

Luuk had planned it all out and even had the ring with him in his pocket. Marloes said that she immediately said yes and that one thing was sure, and that was that she had absolutely NO doubts…

Loveshoot Raalte

Following the proposal, they wanted to inform their friends, and did so by sending them random photo’s from Rome, ensuring that Marloes’ ring was visible in all of the images. Marloes explains that her friends spotted the ring immediately and asked her about it. It was Luuk’s friends who had no idea and who even started commenting about all the holiday pics they were receiving. It was not until the end of the 4-day trip, when Luuk started zooming in on Marloes’ had, when they realised what was going on :)

Engagement Session Raalte

On the 31st of May 2019, Luuk & Marloes were married on a beautiful sunny day, in the very personal setting, of Luuk’s mother’s back garden. They had their wedding dinner and reception, lat that day, at the Bar&Brasserie Zwakenberg, close to their home and also the place where Luuk had worked for 11 years.

I asked them what their favourite moment of their day was and they told me that it was the ceremony. Everything that they had planned, came together… perfectly! The decorations (which were done by Luuk’s mother) were beautiful and perfect, the weather was great, the music just worked, the speeches were emotional and of course the wonderful company of all their guests… was simply… perfect.

Trouwringen Raalte

Apart from the decorations for the ceremony, a few more details from their day which were special to them, were:

  • The photo of Luuk’s father which was placed at the front of the ceremony, ensuring that he too had a presence during this special celebration.

  • The flowers at their home which were present during Marloes’ getting ready, which were not only beautiful, but also had a very special meaning to the couple.

Wedding Flowers Raalte
  • The wooden sign and the plank for the rings, which had their names and wedding date engraved on it and which were made by Luuk’s mother.

Bruiloft Raalt

All of these little details ensure for a very personal and special wedding ceremony, done in the exact way which mattered to them both.

A few of the people and organisations who Luuk & Marloes would like to thank for helping make their day so special are: 

 Wedding location: Luuk’s mother and Bar & Brasserie Zwakenberg

Master of ceremonies: Inez van den Hoed

Wedding dress and shoes: Dynasty Bruidsmode Zwolle

Wedding suit: Van Uffelen, Zwolle

Hair and makeup: Mooi by Patricia, Heino

Florist: Passie Flora Raalte (and Luuk’s mom who decorated her own garden).

Cake Maker: Echte Bakker Jorink Raalte

DJ: DJ Jasper Esman

Wedding car: Marloes’ father

I asked Luuk & Marloes if there were any moments from their day which stood out in particular. They told me that it was:

  • Having the time to have lunch together (just the two of them) at home, after the photo session and before the start of the ceremony. They then also had time to practice their first dance, for the first time whilst Marloes was wearing her wedding dress. That was a very special moment for them :)

  • Being walked down the isle by her father. Marloes didn’t think that her walking towards Luuk during the ceremony, would be so tense… but after about three steps… she had tears in her eyes.

Bruidsfotografie Raalte
  • Saying their vows to each other. This act displayed their true feelings for each other and just how strong their connection is.

Wedding Vows Raalte
  • The industrial lawnmower interrupting the ceremony. The lawnmower belonging to the council, started mowing the field next-door during the ceremony. It was so noisy that you could not hear people speaking during the ceremony. Luckily, a representative from the council was present to stop and delay the lawnmowing activities! :)

  • The unforgettable speeches made by Luuk’s mother, Marloes’ father and Inez. They were heartwarming, emotional and funny.

Zwakenberg Raalte
  • Most important of all to Marloes… was that her mother could be present during this very special day.

Bruiloft Raalte

I asked Luuk & Marloes what they were most nervous about on the day and this is what they told me:

The first dance!!! We should have started practicing longer in advance, but kept putting it off or had not time to. About one week before the wedding, we got the mix for the dance and the music was confirmed. The different parts still had to be merged. Luckily it all worked out and our guests were surprised.

Apart from the dance, we were also nervous about the weather. A week before the wedding, the forecast was that it would be 13 degrees and raining on our day. We checked the forecasts about three times per day during the week running up to the wedding. Each day it looked as though it was getting better and in the end… we had a beautiful day!

They danced their frist dance to ‘Paolo Conte - Via con me’. It was the first song on their dancemix. They love Italian music and when planning their first dance, they ended up with this song choice each time they were researching.

First Dance Zwakenberg

When I asked Luuk & Marloes to describe their overall wedding experience, this is what they said:

It was a perfect day. We enjoyed every minute. We would not have wanted to change a single thing. It was fantastic. Getting ready was fun, the ceremony beautiful and intimate, the cake was beautiful, the dinner great and the party was great! We had an incredibly great day with our friends and family.

Apart from all the people they have already thanked, they want to give an additional thanks to:

  • Marion Wolters, their wedding official from Raalte.

  • Lotte & Stille, the two ladies who performed the catering in the afternoon.

  • Bar & Brasserie Zwakenberg in Raalte for making their dinner and party so special and memorable.

  • Inez van den Hoed-Oosterlaar, their master of ceremonies for all she has done to make this day a success!

  • Cato Disselhort, semi-master of ceremonies and unmissable friend, for all of her support!

Luuk and Marloes’ advice to other couples planning their wedding is to start on time! This will ensure that you are able to book the people and locations you want for your day, before they are booked up! You also want to have everything arranged well in advance so that you can be in control and do not have added stress shortly before your wedding day.

Apart from this… ensure that you have enough time planned between events on the day so that you can relax and enjoy it all. This will ensure that you have time to take breaks, have lunch and spend time with your guests etc. We (Luuk & Marloes) are very happy that we did not plan out every single minute of our day… it was great!

Luuk & Marloes… we wish you all the love and happiness in the world! Thank you for sharing your story.

Here’s a few more images from their beautiful day: