Roel & Hanna - De Havixhorst, The Netherlands

Roel & Hanna were married at the beautiful Havixhorst in July this year. They started their day by visiting Hanna’s school (where she is a teacher) to celebrate with the children before arriving at their outdoor wedding ceremony, after which they enjoyed the wedding dinner in the garden of this beautiful venue.

What a great day we all had!

This…. is their story:


Roel and Hanna met in 2009 whilst both playing volleyball at the same volleyball association, called Sudosa. They informed me that they did not have much contact at the beginning, but during a yearly volleyball tournament, they started talking… and that is how it all began :)

When I asked them when the moment was that they officially started dating, they both just laughed and said that they wouldn’t know when that was. Their relationship just naturally developed. They told me that they would arrange to meet up and do things together (never at home as they were both living with their parents at the time). Roel and Hanna were best friends and they loved each other’s company. Their relationship grew stronger and blossomed into a beautiful partnership.

They decided to mov in together and on the 14th of February 2014, they did. Just over a year later in September 2015, they bought their first home.

In December 2018, Roel and Hanna went on a ski holiday to Austria. Roel had already had contact with the hotel before their holiday and informed them of his plans. On the evening of the 25th of December, they went for dinner when Roel had to suddenly return to their room, leaving Hanna alone at the table. Roel told her that he had ‘forgotten’ his phone in the room, but he was actually going back to decorate the room as he was planning to propose to Hanna. Up to this point, he managed to keep it all a secret…

After finishing their dinner, they returned to their room and Roel asked Hanna to wait outside. At this point… Hanna started realising that something was up… Roel then came outside to get Hanna but first, he blindfolded her and then led her into the room. When Hanna took her blindfold off, the room was filled with candles and Roel (who said that he was very nervous at the time) was down on one knee…

Roel said that he was too nervous to say a full speech but Hanna got the idea, and when Roel asked her to marry him she burst into tears and immediately said ‘YES!’.

Wedding Rings

Roel and Hanna were married on the 5th of July 2019, at De Havixhorst, on what turned out to be a perfect sunny day. Roel explained to me that if they were going to have a wedding… then they were going to do it RIGHT! The moment they both arrived at De Havixhorst, they knew that it was the perfect setting for their celebrations :)

De Havixhorst

Their wedding went flawlessly, partly thanks to their friend and amazing master of ceremonies, Wessel-Jan Bouwers. We were able to work together to get the best photos possible for Roel and Hanna and they want to thank you for all you have done Wessel!

De Havixhorst bruiloft

A few more people that helped their wedding go off without a hitch was: 

Wedding attire: Hanna: Marriages in Hoogeveen, Roel: Roka in Groningen

Catering: De Havixhorst

Cake Maker: Sam en Nels taarten

Florist: De Bloemerij Assen

DJ: DJ Julian van Soundmasters

Hanna also wanted to give a special mention to her make-up and hair stylist, Marieke Vredeveld from Milook, who did a great job to make her look and feel at her best during the whole day.

Wedding Hair Assen

I asked Roel & Hanna how they would describe their wedding and this is what they said:

Fantastic! Amazing… the best day of our lives!

When I asked Roel & Hanna what their favourite part of their wedding was, they told me that they loved everything about their day, but if they had to pick a favourite moment they would have to say that it was their ceremony, with the party in the evening being a close second.

You could tell they were loving every minute of their day, surrounded by their families and friends who celebrated with them.

De Havixhorst Wedding

There are a few moments from their special day that stand out to them, these are:

  • When Hanna’s aunt brought them their wedding rings;

Wedding Ceremony
  • The speeches and presentations done by their families in the afternoon; and

Wedding Speeches Havixhorst
  • The film which the family made representing the life and relationship of Roel & Hanna, which was shown in the evening :)

Wedding Speech Havixhorst
  • The travel tips provided by their guests (in very creative and clever ways), upon request of Wessels-Jan (the master of ceremonies).

Wedding Gifts Havixhorst

As for me, one of my personal favourite moments of the day was when Roel & Hanna surprised their guests with a special choreographed dance! They did this dance on a mix of different songs, starting with Ed Sheeren’s ‘Perfect’.

De Havixhorst bruiloft

Roel & Hanna said that on the day, they were most nervous about this opening dance but that once they started… all their nerves disappeared!

Another moment during which they felt nervous which they weren’t able to predict, was the moment they arrived at the venue and all their guests were standing there, waiting for them. This is the moment they realised that “Now it’s really going to happen!”.

Roel & Hanna’s advice for other couples planning their wedding is:

  1. Familiarise yourself well with all the different locations; and

  2. Above all, enjoy it! The planning and also the preparations, because soon… it will all be over!

Roel & Hanna, we wish you a happy life filled with love and (even more) laughter together :)

Here’s a few more images from Roel & Hanna’s day: