Remco & Kelly - Dalfsen, The Netherlands

Remco & Kelly met when they were both students at the KPZ (Katholieke Pabo Zwolle). They knew of each other before their love grew for each other. The first time they spoke, was when Remco got a new tattoo on his arm and Kelly walked up to him to ask him about it. The tattoo was still healing and covered in plastic and she wanted to know more about the process and whether it hurt, as she was considering one too. 

It was not until much later (during a night out) when they realised that there was a real connection between them.  

This is their story…

Zwolle Love Shoot

Remco was on the board of their student union. On the 18th of April 2013, they were hosting International Students, most of whom were Spanish, and showing them around the city when they ended up in some local pubs. Kelly’s friend was also on the board of the student union and she asked Kelly to come along as they needed more students to help with hosting. 

When I asked them who had made the first move, Remco said it was Kelly as she was flirting with him during the evening at the pub. But then, Kelly explained that it was actually Remco later that evening (after a few drinks), and this… Remco agreed with.  

After flirting with each other during the course of the evening at the pub (more Kelly than Remco), they walked the International Students to their bus-ride home, when Remco turned to Kelly and said: 

‘Shall I do something crazy?’

Kelly thought that Remco was going to show her a trick but instead… he kissed her.

That evening, they arranged to meet again and just over a month later, on the 19th of May 2013, they were officially a couple :)

I asked them both what it was that they loved most about each other. Kelly said that she loved that Remco was so relaxed. She also said that once she saw him with his little brothers and how he was with them and how much family meant to him, she knew that she was truly in love.

Remco just looked at Kelly and said that he often tells her what it is that attracted him to her and what he loves so much about her. Kelly just smiled at him shyly when he said: ‘There it is, it’s her smile…’

Love Shoot Zwolle

When I asked Remco & Kelly to tell me about their proposal, they told me that they had discussed getting married in the past, in relation to whether or not it was something which they would both like to do. They had agreed that they really wanted to get married, but Remco made it clear that they would not pick a date until he officially asked Kelly to be his wife. 

Following this discussion, Kelly kept asking Remco when he was planning on asking her, so Remco finally told her that if she asked again…. the proposal would be delayed by a year! This seemed to work as now, some time had passed without Kelly bringing up the proposal. So one day, Remco decided that it was time! He explained that he could be quite impulsive and that once he had made his mind up about something, then made it happen quite fast. So, he made an appointment with a jeweller, chose THE ring and a week later, the Kelly’s was ready. 

It was on Remco’s day off that he went to pick up the ring. He was working at a casino at the time and had just come off’ nights. He wanted to do all of this whilst Kelly was still at work as he did not want her to suspect a thing or find the ring. So… he knew that he had to move fast! 

Kelly’s mom (who is a teacher) was the first to know about what Remco was planning. He drove straight to her work and asked to speak with her. Kelly’s mom was nervous when she heard that Remco was at her school as she thought that something was wrong. Remco was worried that Kelly’s mom would call Kelly to check on her, prior to coming outside to speak with him but luckily she did not. Remco asked her if he could marry her daughter and also showed her the ring. She was of course very happy and emotional and she burst out in tears…

Next, Remco drove to Kelly’s father who was a driving instructor. Once he managed to get a hold of him, he had quick conversation with him during his 10 minute break. Remco asked him if he could marry his daughter and just like Kelly’s mom, her dad was also emotional and said yes.  

Remco now admits that he was quite nervous during all of the above. He also explained that Kelly’s mom was about to stay over the next evening and he did not believe that she would have been able to keep this secret… so he now knew that he had to ask Kelly that same day.

He went to his mother’s house and asked his little brothers to assist with his proposal plans. He recorded his little brothers, asking Kelly to marry him. In the film, Kelly’s father was also recorded, giving permission for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

In one day, Remco managed to get it all organised. He had the ring, he had spoken with her parents and he had a plan!

That evening, on the 2nd of November 2017, Remco & Kelly took their dog (Sjors) for a walk in the park close to their home. It was Remco’s idea to propose at the top of a little hill in the park as it had the best view, but Kelly… did not want to climb the hill and mess up her nice shoes. Kelly obviously had no idea… what was about to happen.

They kept on walking when Remco told Kelly that his brothers had made her something. He sent her the little film via whatsapp and when Kelly looked up from her phone, Remco was down on one knee… holding the engagement ring. 

Kelly said that it was an emotional moment filled with joy and she did not expect it all! She did not hesitate before saying: 


A few short months later, whilst planning their wedding, they had more wonderful news. They found out that their wish of starting a family was about to become a reality and that Kelly was pregnant with Jill :)

Love Shoot Park de Wezenlanden Zwolle

On the 24th of May 2019, they were married at the beautiful Onder Ons in Dalfsen. Seeing as their relationship was official on the 19th of May 2013 and they were married on the 24th of May 2019, Remco has declared that from now on, 19-24 May will be their ‘celebration week’ :)

Remco & Kelly, both being teachers, started their day off with a mini-wedding at Kelly’s school and then having lunch with the students at Remco’s school. It was very special!

Following this, they went back to where they did their teacher training to have their wedding photos taken. It was beautifully personal for them to be back to where it all started, in their wedding attire :)

KPZ Zwolle

The weather was simply perfect on their big day and they enjoyed an afternoon BBQ/dinner before their romantic ceremony took place.

They want to give a special thanks to Debby Kisjes from Onder Ons for making their day… perfect!

A few more people and companies that helped their wedding be remarkable, were: 

Master of ceremonies: Angelina Pol

Cake Maker: Van der Morst - Dalfsen

Wedding attire: Compagne en HKC Hony's

Caterer: Feest en Culinair

Florist: Jan Groen

Wedding car: Remco’s grandmother’s Fiat 500

DJ: Hanno

Some special details from their big day which meant a lot to them, was:

  • The Dahlia in the wedding bouquet, and

Wedding Dahlia
  • Remco’s grandmother’s Fiat 500.

Onder Ons Dalfsen

Some of their favourite moments from their wedding were:

  • Saying yes with Jill in the centre of the celebrations,

Onder Ons Dalfsen
  • Being surprised by their guests, and

Onder Ons Dalfsen
  • The surprise opening dance by the groom and his friends.

Onder Ons Dalfsen

They danced their first dance to Home’s “Yellow Claw”. Kelly also had the chance to dance with her father to Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses”. Kelly told me that her father never danced, but as a surprise, he arranged “Butterfly Kisses” to play and then asked her to dance. The moment was simply perfect…  

Onder Ons Dalfsen

All in all, they described their wedding day as being ‘like coming home’.

You could tell they were really loving every minute of their special day surrounded by their family and friends.

Remco and Kelly’s advice to other couples planning their wedding is to ‘just enjoy it all’.

Remco, Kelly & Jill, we wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

Here’s a few more images from their big day: