Jelmer & Carlin - Dalfsen, The Netherlands

On the 20th of April, Jelmer & Carlin were married on what ended up being, the most beautiful day in April.

Jelmer & Carlin are ‘High School Sweethearts’ and were in the same class with their mutual friend… Robbin.

When I asked how their relationship started, this is what they told me:

Wildkamp Lutten

On the 14th of July 2012, “they all” went out one night. Usually, at the end of a night out, Robbin would cycle home with Carlin in order to ensure that she got home safe. On this particular night… Robbin had met a girl and Jelmer, being a good wingman, ‘offered‘ to cycle Carlin home.

But… knowing that Jelmer and Carlin had clearly liked each other for quite a while (I was told that they had been flirting with each other for quite some time before this night)… one would ask if Jelmer was really Robbin’s wingman? Or, if it was the other way round? And did Robbin possibly create a situation where Jelmer ‘had to’ cycle home with Carlin?… (Thanks Robbin ;)).

Wilkamp Lutten

Well… Jelmer cycled Carlin home and when they reached Carlin’s house, Carlin asked Jelmer if he wanted to come inside and drink something, because ‘all boys did that’ (referring to other friends who had cycled her home in the past). This statement of Carlin’s, is something that they all still laugh about :)

Jelmer agreed to come inside and then explained that they talked and laughed a lot that night (all night in fact). When morning broke… Carlin is the one who kissed Jelmer… and they’ve been together ever since!

Jelmer said that, because they were friends, he did not want to risk it becoming awkward between them by kissing Carlin, which is why he never made the first move. I asked if Robbin was surprised that they started seeing each other and they told me that he was not… Robbin clearly saw this coming :)

Wildkamp Lutten

I asked how the proposal happened and Jelmer explained that he decided to ask Carlin to marry him on their 5 year anniversary (14 July 2017). Jelmer knew that Carlin loved candles, so he decided that he wanted to fill the garden with candles and ask her to marry him there. Jelmer bought 1000 candles from IKEA to prepare for his proposal and asked for the help from his and Carlin’s moms to assist with his plans. They were to light the candles in the garden and in their bedroom (just in case it started to rain) whilst Jelmer and Carlin were out to dinner.

On their way back from the restaurant, it started to rain and this made Jelmer very nervous… He thought that there would have been no chance for the candles in the garden to still be lit… Luckily he had a backup plan with the candles in their bedroom.

When they arrived home, Carlin smelt the candles the moment they walked through the door and she was quite upset with herself, thinking that SHE had forgotten to blow out the candles before they left. Jelmer, believing that the candles in the garden would have rained out, led Carlin directly to their bedroom. Jelmer explained that the scene which awaited them with the room filled with candles, were incredibly romantic. Jelmer then went down on one knee and said:

Carlin, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I hope that you want this too.

It was an emotional moment which was followed by tears before Jelmer heard Carlin saying “YES!” They then looked out the window into the garden and somehow, even though it had been raining, all the candles were still burning… It was a beautiful sight.

The next day, with the sun shining, they celebrated their engagement together with their family, having a BBQ in the garden with all the candles still in their place :)

They are still enjoying the use of what was left… of the 1000 candles… which Jelmer bought for the proposal :) 

Image provided by Jelmer & Carlin.

Image provided by Jelmer & Carlin.

On the 20th of April 2019, they were married at the beautiful Onder Ons in Dalfsen, on a day which they described as a ‘Fairytale’. Their family and friends were very much involved in the day with decorating the venue, organising the day and giving speeches themselves. Both the ceremony and the celebrations were held at the same location, which made for a truly relaxing day.


A big thank you goes out to Korian and Nicky (their friends and masters of ceremony), who’s organisational skills helped to make this day a huge success! These are some of the awesome companies that helped make Jelmer and Carlin’s day so special:

Wedding venue and catering: Onder Ons (Dalfsen)

Wedding attire: Honey (Zwolle) 

Cake Maker: The whole family!!!!

Music: Emilie (friend - violin), Rainson (band), DJ Hanno (DJ)

Wedding transport: Jessica (Robbin’s girlfriend)

When I asked what their favourite moment of the day was, they said that they loved it all, but the moment they saw each other for the first time, was extra special.

First Look

This was the moment that Carlin was most nervous about. She was waiting upstairs (in the dressing room), until all of their parents stood ready at the bottom of the stairs with Jelmer.


It was a moment filled with tears and emotion…


Jelmer was the most nervous about the wedding ceremony and saying their vows to each other.  


A few of the special datails from their day which stood out to them, were that their family and friends baked the cakes which were served at the wedding. They both loved and appreciated this.


There were also a few very special speeches, wedding games and even a song written for them!

Throughout the day, a song very special to them both (‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran) played.


The dance floor was opened in a very special way… Carlin first threw her bouquet to ‘Single Ladies (Beyonce)’ followed by a coordinate dance by Carlin and her friends.


Jelmer and Carlin’s advice to other couples planning their wedding, was to appoint a master(s) of ceremonies who could take all the pressure from you on your big day.

All in all… Jelmer and Carlin described their day as ‘PERFECT’. They said it was a beautiful day filled with love and happiness in which all their guests were amazing and seemed to have had a wonderful time too. They found it extraordinary that the weather was so good, considering how bad it was on the days before and after the wedding. A real… fairytale!

Jelmer & Carlin, we wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

Here’s a few more images from their amazing day: