Tom & Kim - Dalfsen, The Netherlands

Tom & Kim had a fairytale wedding to compliment their love story... They are one of those couples who believe in the magic of love and seeing them together and how perfect they are for each other, will make you believe in it too... 


This is their story:

Tom & Kim met in July 2009 on a Social Networking site called 'Hyves'. They were both in a group  for tall people when Tom sent Kim a message saying: "I think that we're the youngest in this group". And that... was how it all started :)

Soon after their first contact, Tom & Kim left the group and started chatting on MSN Messenger. About a month later... they saw each other for the first time when Tom picked Kim up at her home and took her on their first date, to the zoo in Emmen :) 

I asked them if they joined the 'Tall Person's Group' in search of a relationship and they both said no. Kim however, knew that she wanted a relationship with someone taller than her and at 1.99m... Tom was a perfect match for the 1.80m Kim. 

Bridal Shoot

Kim loves doing crafts and making beautiful things for their home. She also takes part in a project called 'Snail Mail' where you send nice cards and letters to (what we traditionally knew as pen pals) people around the world. I was in awe when Kim showed me the candle holders which she made with pixies (all cut by hand) shining through.

Groom Portraits

Tom loves online gaming with his friends and doing Crossfit (to which he's very dedicated). They both love travelling and simply... being together. Their support and respect for each others' hobbies and their love for each other, makes them a strong and perfect match. 

In 2014 Tom & Kim moved in together and on the 29th of September 2017 (just over 8 years after they first met), they were on holiday together in Disney World Orlando to celebrate Kim's graduation. It was the 4th day of their holiday when they stood in front of the castle at Disney World, when Tom went down on one knee and asked Kim to be his wife...

Wedding Rings

This moment was captured by a photographer who was standing close by and the way Tom proposed... was like something out of fairytale and a dream come true for Kim. 

The wedding was planned by Kim with a lot of help from her mom and some inspiration from ''. Their wedding took place on the 20th of July 2018 at the beautiful Onder Ons in Dalfsen where Tom & Kim celebrated their love together with their family and friends. 

First Look

Kim was most nervous about walking down the stairs during their 'First Look' as she had a large wedding gown and she was worried that she'd trip and fall, but the moment couldn't be more perfect... 

Kim loved that her father gave her away at the ceremony. They walked in to the song 'You raise me up' by Josh Groban. Kim said that her father never usually gets nervous, but she could tell that that moment was really special to him.

Father giving away the bride

Both Kim and Tom were nervous about the ceremony. They said that they were so happy that their wedding official (Arnold Stroop) made it is a very relaxed ceremony and that it was wonderful to sit under the big tree at Onder Ons and see all their family and friends present. In their own words, the ceremony was 'relaxed, beautiful and intimate'. 

Onder Ons Dalfsen Wedding

Following the ceremony, Tom used a sabre to pop the cork from the champagne and he managed to do it on the first go! Every part of the wedding just went perfectly...  

Wedding Sabre

Kim and Tom both had their grandparents present on the day. Kim had all of her grandparents present and Tom both of his grandmothers. To be sharing this special day with them all... was very special to the couple. 

During the evening, Alie & Tommy (an acoustic duo) provided beautiful atmospheric music and prepared one song in particular, especially for Kim and Tom. It was Ellie Golding's 'Still Falling for You'.   

Alie & Tommy

A few more companies who helped make this day extra special were: 

Wedding Bubbles

Following their Fairytale Wedding, Tom & Kim would like to give the following advice to other couples planning their own special day: 

"Laat je niet gek maken door alle details en geniet!!!"

(Don't sweat the small stuff, just enjoy!!!)

Happily Ever After

Tom & Kim, thank you for sharing your story with us, may you continue being the loving and beautiful couple that you are and of course... live happily ever after... 

Here's a few more images from the special day: