Erik & Marjolein - Dalfsen, The Netherlands

Erik & Marjolein are a fun-loving couple who loves to travel and share my love for South Africa and floppy eared bunnies who rule the roost!

They met for the first time on the 13th of February 2010 during a Carnival in Zwolle. I was told that Erik wore 'lipstick' at the time... but this was not confirmed... so I'd be curious to hear from their friends if this is true! :)

There was an immediate click between the two... but it wasn't until much later before they actually started dating (with some help from their friends). 

Love Shoot Zwolle

When I asked how the proposal was done, I was informed that it was 'very original'. They both followed 'Expeditie Robinson' and inspired by this 'survival / treasure hunt' series, Erik formulated his plan... 

In December 2016, they went to Ouddorp, Zeeland for a weekend. During breakfast on the morning of 17 December, Erik informed Marjolein that he had a surprise for her and asked if she wanted to know what it was....? When she replied 'Of course!' Erik went to the car and came back with a little shovel and a measuring tape. 

The only instructions which Marjolein had were: 

"Kijk uit, 3 bij 3. Succes ermee!"

(Watch out, 3(metres) by 3(metres), Good luck! )

Once outside, Marjolein saw the footprints of Boris (their dog). The footprints lead to seashells arranged in a heart shape which is where she was supposed to dig... The digging took quite a while... but Marjolein did not give up and finally reached a box in which she found 2 glasses and a bottle of bubbly! Erik then went down on one knee and asked Marjolein to be his wife... :)

Love Shoot Zwolle

I asked Marjolein how she felt when when Erik proposed, and this was her answer: 

"Ik werd emotioneel en ik voelde me heel gelukkig. Ik had van te voren een vermoeden, omdat Erik zich die maand vreemd (zenuwachtig) gedroeg. Toen ik Boris zag met een pakketje om zijn nek samen met Erik wist ik het meteen. Natuurlijk zei ik meteen ja!"

(I was emotional and felt happy. I had my suspicions beforehand as Erik was behaving strangely the month before. When I saw Boris (together with Erik) with a little parcel around his neck, I knew at once. Of course I immediately said yes!)

I asked Erik how he felt when Marjolein said yes, and this is what he said: 

"Ik was heel gespannen, dus toen ze ja zei voelde ik mij vooral opgelucht. Daarnaast voelde ik mij blij en gelukkig."

(I was very nervous, so when she said yes I felt relieved. Apart from that, I also felt glad and happy.)

It was a beautiful sunny day when Erik & Marjolein were married at Onder Ons in Dalfsen. They planned all the little details of their day themselves and chose the Wedding Professionals which they felt, they were the most comfortable with and who had passion for their work :) 

Onder Ons Dalfsen

Erik... was a 'florist' for a day when he made Marjolein's bouquet himself!!! It was quite impressive! 

Bruiloft Zwolle

Erik & Marjolein wrote each other letters which they opened on the morning of the wedding. I got to photograph the moment they both read their letters and I heard a little 'giggle' from them both... saying that the other person wrote 'the same' in their letter as they did :)

Bridal Prep Zwolle

Erik & Marjolein described their day as: 

"Een relaxe dag met veel liefde en 's avonds een dikke vette party :D!"

(A relaxed day filled with love and in the evening... one big party!)

They said that they had loads of fun with each other and also with their guests. It was very special to them that they could celebrate this day with those close to them and that their loved one's could fulfil special roles during the ceremony. 

Wedding Zwolle

When asked about which little details from the day meant the most to them, they said that it was that BOTH grandmothers could be present on this special day :) 

Their favourite moment of the day was when they saw each other for the first time :)

They were the most nervous about their busy schedule and whether the whole day would go to plan, but there was no need to worry as the day was perfect!!! 

Their friends did something really special for them... They left a wheelbarrow outside the wedding venue and everyone added a special drink and a message. Later in the evening, it was presented as a surprise! I was surprised this little 'wheelbarrow of gold' wasn't wheeled off by a passer by!!! It was amazing!!!

Wedding Gifts Zwolle

They danced their first dance to: 

Bon Jovi - Thank you for loving me. 

The couple has the following advice for others planning their wedding: 

  1. Start early and stay true to what YOU want.

  2. Look for the Wedding Professionals who are passionate about their work.

  3. Enjoy! Before you know it... it's over...

Erik & Marjolein wanted to give a special thanks Caroline de Mots (their master of ceremonies) without whom... this day would have not been as perfect as it was. 

They also wanted to thank Debby Kisjes from Onder Ons. They said that Debby ensured that the day ran smoothly and they felt immediately at home at Onder Ons (thanks to the open and warm manner in which Debby approached the planning of their special day). 

Another Wedding Professional they wanted to give thanks to was DJ Maxim from Party Sensations. He made the party!!! He has a talent for feeling what music suits the guests and even though it was really hot... he had a way to get all the guests to attempt the dance floor :)

A few more companies without whom this day would not have been possible was: 

Erik & Marjolein, thank you for sharing your story. Have a wonderful life together! 

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