Love at first sight and romance by candlelights...

I recently got to photograph Marco and Chantal in the beautiful Zwolle.

Zwolle Love Shoot

They have this beautiful love that just shines from their smiles when they look at each other. Chantal's eyes light up when she explains how they both met and it's clear... that they are meant to be... 

Love Shoot Zwolle

Marco is originally from Zwolle and Chantal... moved to Zwolle to study Psychomotor Therapy. After returning from a trip around the world, Marco went to have a look at his local football club (HTC) one night, where he played and where Chantal was now also playing. When Chantal saw Marco for the first time, her reaction was:

"Zo! Die is leuk!!!" (Wow, he's nice!!)

Monica (the friend who Chantal made this comment to) told Chantal's trainer, Michael (who turned out to be a good friend of Marco's). A few weeks later (shortly before Koningsdag), Chantal and Marco bumped into each other in the football canteen and had quick chat. 

Zwolle Love Shoot

Chantal then had a night out with some of her colleagues on Koningsdag when she was messaged a photo by her football trainer (Michael). Marco was also in this photo with Michael and it instantly made Chantal think that she wanted to 'look up' Marco...  Michael then got the idea to connect the two of them as he knew that they were both single. 

Marco & Chantal had an amazing first date (at an Irish bar in Zwolle), where they spent hours just talking and laughing... and they've been together ever since... 

They love spending time together, doing fun things and especially travelling and now... they are preparing to take an even bigger step together...  :)

Zwolle Love Shoot

Marco & Chantal moved into their first house together in Zwolle and one night (Friday night 27 Oct 2017), Chantal was on her way to a football match, when Marco asked her why she was dressed in 'sjakie-kleding' (her tracksuit/football gear). Chantal thought that this question was quite weird as Marco knew where she was on her way to, so she told Marco to not be silly. 

Marco then asked her (a few times!) if she could please let him know when she was on her way home and so... after having a drink following the game... she did! 

When Chantal arrived at their home, the whole house was filled with candles and photo's of them together. The candles and photo's made a path up the stairs, which she followed, expecting to see Marco waiting there for her...

Upstairs, she found no Marco, but a beautiful letter, asking her to come back downstairs. 

When she came down the stairs, she found Marco (who had come out of hiding) waiting for her... 

In the magical candlelight, Marco had a whole speech prepared for Chantal... He declared his love for her and then asked her to become his wife. Marco had planned out every detail and even had the ring and the champagne ready... 

Of course Chantal said YES!!!!

Zwolle Love Shoot

In just a few short weeks (on the 22nd of June), Marco & Chantal will be celebrating their marriage at the beautiful Onder Ons in Dalfsen.

They are both looking forward to spending this day with the people that matter to them the most and to celebrate their love for each other in a relaxed environment, on a beautiful day where everyone feels welcome! 

There are so many little details which they have planned to personalise their day and to make it special for everyone attending.

I know it's going to be a gorgeous wedding and I'm so excited to be a part of it! 

Love Shoot Zwolle

Marco & Chantal, thank you for sharing your story with us and enjoy the last little details before your big day :)