Jeffrey & Janneke - Dalfsen, The Netherlands

I am thrilled to be able to tell you about the wedding of Jeffrey & Janneke and most of all, about the love they share. This is their story…

It all started one night, early 2007, when Jeffrey went out his friends went to the ‘Hare Majesteit’ in Hoogeveen for a few drinks. Janneke was also out that night with her friends, but in another bar. At some stage during the night, Janneke and a friend of hers also went to the ‘Hare’ to go and ‘check it out’… Jeffrey was there, having a drink with some friends when Janneke came walking towards him… This moment changed their lives forever.

Jeffrey approached Janneke and started talking to her. He wanted her contact details but she was reluctant to share them. It did not take long for Jeffrey to fall for Janneke, but Janneke however… needed a little more time. Jeffrey managed to get Janneke’s MSN details from someone else and after that night in the bar, they had contact over the phone and on MSN, ran into each other more frequently during nights out and started to arranging dates. They loved the time they spent together and realised that they were really well suited for each other. A few months later, during a Friday night at Janneke’s home, Jeffrey asked Janneke if she wanted to be his ‘girlfriend’. The answer was of course ‘YES’ and so… on the 6th of April 2007, Jeffrey & Janneke were officially a couple :)

10 Years and 1 day later (on Friday the 7th of April 2017)… Jeffrey & Janneke took a train to Scheveningen for the weekend to celebrate their relationship and the time they’ve been together. The few times in the past that they were on a train together, they always made a fun journey of it, but not this time… Janneke explains the journey towards The Hague as painfully quiet and said that Jeffrey even went to sleep.


Janneke thought that it was due to Jeffrey’s tough week at work and thought nothing of it. Once at the hotel, the receptionist asked if they wanted an upgrade and Jeffrey thought about the request quite seriously before answering. The whole day, Jeffrey’s behaviour was quite odd… He never usually ‘sweats the small things’.

They checked in, unpacked and took a bus to Scheveningen. They planned to take a walk on the beach, grab a bite to eat and then go and see the musical, ‘The Lion King’. But things turned out a little different…

Jeffrey couldn’t decide what they were going to do! He wanted to take a walk on the beach… go to the pier… go on the ferris wheel… (even though Janneke said that ferris wheels were NOTHING for Jeffrey) and then again… go for a walk on the beach. Jeffrey didn’t seem himself at all, so Janneke asked him what was wrong? They walked onto the pier to discuss what to do next and together decided to go for a walk on the beach (as originally planned) and then go to a restaurant to have a nice peaceful meal together.

A few minutes later, they were walking along the beach, when Jeffrey took Janneke by the arm and asked her to sit beside him. They were sitting down on a secluded piece of the beach and Jeffrey looked around before he turned to face Janneke. He took a piece of paper from his inside pocket which he carefully unfolded whilst telling Janneke that he had written her a story.

The day before, on their 10 year anniversary, Janneke gave Jeffrey a gift. Jeffrey had nothing to give Janneke which made him feel quite uneasy but matter to her.

Now, jokingly, Janneke said to Jeffrey:

“So, because you didn't have a gift for me yesterday you are now making up for it with a story? How sweet!”

She had absolutely no idea about what was really about to happen…

Jeffrey started reading from the piece of paper and every word… came straight from the heart… Janneke describes what Jeffrey said as beautiful and caring and that Jeffrey struggled to get the words out and it had her in tears.

Love Shoot Hoogeveen

Janneke now realised what Jeffrey was planning… After the ‘story’ which he had read to her, he read out a poem en then took a handkerchief from his pocket, which he unfolded to produce the engagement ring he was hiding.

Jeffrey then asked Janneke, whilst sitting beside her, to be his wife.

Janneke said that she was genuinely surprised and couldn’t believe that this was actually happening!!! Of course her answer was YES!

I asked Jeffrey how he felt when Janneke said yes and he told me that he was relieved and incredibly happy! Janneke thought Jeffrey had been very clever when wrapping the ring in a handkerchief… She loved hugging him and would have been able to feel a ring box in his pocket. He clearly planned out every last detail and now… his nervous behaviour made sense…

Planning their wedding and their big day was an exciting experience. Jeffrey had his wedding suit especially made and his parents went with him when he was measured for it. It took all in all about 2 hrs for Jeffrey to pick and get measured for his wedding attire.

Groom Getting Ready

For Janneke, it was different story…

It took 4 bridal stores and trying on 30 wedding dresses… before she found her dream dress! All the hours spent and dresses fitted were worth it.

Wedding Dress Hoogeveen

Janneke loved her dress and she looked amazing in it!

Wedding Dress Hoogeveen

On Friday the 27th of July 2018, Jeffrey and Janneke were married at the beautiful Onder Ons in Dalfsen in what will remembered as the hottest day that The Netherlands has seen in many years.

Their wedding was truly breathtaking and the couple described it as ‘unforgettable’. Jeffrey and Janneke loved everything about their big day and especially that they could share it with their loved ones. They appreciated all the effort that their friends and family went through to be there for them and described the ceremony lead by Ina Bulthuis as a beautiful and personal ceremony which was executed with a ‘laugh and a tear’.

One of their favourite moments of the day was the moment when they saw each other for the first time. They were both very nervous… but seeing each other for the first time on this special day after getting dressed in what they called ‘the most beautiful clothes in the world’ whilst beaming of happiness… was a moment they will never forget.

First Look

On special days and celebrations, the pain of loved one’s lost, are always felt deeper… Early in the morning of their wedding day, Jeffrey and Janneke undertook a special visit to Janneke’s mother’s grave. They wanted her to still be a part of their wonderful celebration. Janneke’s wedding bouquet was copied exactly and they placed one of the bouquets, on her mother’s grave. This way, Jeffrey and Janneke had a moment together remembering Janneke’s mom and her grave also looked beautiful during the whole of their special day.

Wedding Boquet

I asked the couple what they were most nervous about on their wedding day and this is what they said:


The opening dance. I didn’t really want to do one. I was nervous about it and was worried that I would not remember the steps. We practiced a lot and we kept getting better at it. Afterwards, I was happy that we did it because I really enjoyed it and it went better than what I expected.


Before our big day, I was both excited and nervous about saying our vows. We wanted to say a few special words to each other during the ceremony. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to say my vows without crying but it went surprisingly well. I took a few deep breaths and after that… I was able to say them perfectly and I loved doing them!

On the day itself, I was most nervous about the moment I saw Jeffrey for the first time in his wedding suit. I got dressed with my father and sisters present and then suddenly realised “I’m ready, Jeffrey is probably ready too and he will be picking me up soon…”. I stood inside my sister’s home when Jeffrey arrived in the garden. I saw him from behind as he had his back turned to me and couldn’t see me yet. At that moment… I could not stop with crying. I cannot remember every trembling like that whilst walking. I was relieved when the curtains opened and Jeffrey turned around and we could look each other in the eye… it was a magical moment!

Olde Looierij Hoogeveen

Apart from a HUGE thank you to Debby from Onder Ons for her beautiful Wedding Venue, her amazing organisational skills and all she did to make this day such a success, a big thank you also goes out to these awesome companies that helped make Jeffrey & Janneke’s day so special:

Ceremoniemeesters: Geke & Hennie (the sisters of the bride)

Wedding Attire: Hendriksen Mannenmode, Hoogeveen (Jeffrey), Compagne Bruidsmode, Hardenberg (Janneke)

Bride’s hair and makeup: Ilse from Be Blushed

Wedding Rings: Rozenhof Trouwringen

Wedding Official: Ina Bulthuis

Cake Maker: Bo Fokkes

Catering: Feest & Culinair

Band during the ceremony: Just4U, Hoogeveen

DJ: DJ Ettiene la Faille

Florist: Minoes Bloemen

Wedding Car: Convertible VW Beetle, bride’s colleague

Bridal Portraits

Their ‘First Dance’ was really special… DJ Ettienne made a mix from 4 songs:

  • Can’t stop the feeling - Justin Timberlake

  • Treasure - Bruno Mars

  • Shut up and dance - Walk the moon

  • Everybody dance now - Bob Sinclair

Janneke choreographed a dance for her and Jeffrey to do together and then she taught Jeffrey the steps. Jeffrey was a little nervous about how it all would go… but it ended up being great fun and it opened the dance floor with a bang!

First Dance

I asked Jeffrey and Janneke what advice they had for other couples planning their wedding and they gave me some WONDERFUL tips to pass along:

  1. Enjoy the process of the planning together.

  2. Trust your gut feeling, do and choose what feels good to you! It’s YOUR day!

  3. Start on time with your planning (venue, photographer, etc.)

  4. If possible, have all your wedding celebrations in one location (ceremony, cake, drinks and party). It will ensure that you have a lot less stress on the day.

  5. Appoint a close friend or family member to be the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ (Ceremoniemeester). They will ensure that the day runs smoothly so that you can just relax, focus on each other and enjoy the day.

  6. On the day itself… Just ‘let go’ of the control and trust those around you (the venue managers, photographer, Master of Ceremonies and your friends) to help the day run smoothly.

  7. Wait for a week after your wedding, before going on your honeymoon. Take a few days to ‘reset’ en allow the events from your big day to sink in… before you go away.

Wedding Group Photo

If they could do it all over again, Jeffrey & Janneke said… they would not change a thing!!!

Jeffrey & Janneke, thank you for sharing your story with us. We wish you a wonderful and happy married life together filled with love and laughter.

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