Frans & Jenine - De Amshoff, The Netherlands

I love everything about photographing weddings. The bride and groom have spent so much time carefully planning all the details of their special day and the day is filled with excitement, love and all of it... is shared with their family and friends.


Frans and Jenine's wedding was no different but also... extra special. Their wedding was a beautiful day filled with love and emotions in which they not only celebrated their love, but also the life of Jenine's mom, who sadly passed away shortly before their wedding. Jenine's mom's presence was felt throughout the day, from the Wedding Dress that she helped Jenine pick out to the balloon with the word 'Mama' on it which was filled with hearts and helium and moved around the locations to be present at all the celebrations throughout the day. In the afternoon, they also released a lantern and balloons into the sky, to honour the memory of Jenine's mom. It was respectful… beautiful and perfect... 

Frans and Jenine's story is one that started 25 years ago and lead up to this very special day in July 2017.  

They met (well... saw each other) for the first time in 1992, when they were both still children. It wasn't until 2000 that they fell in love... 

In the June of 2000, during the 'sports & games week' (held by their local town) they fell in love. By the end of that week (on the 15th of June 2000 to be exact), they kissed in the road... in front of a pub... and they... have been together ever since... :) 

16 Years and two sons (Faas en Olaf) later, Frans planned to ask Jenine to marry him during a special Christmas Day proposal (with help from the boys) on the 25th of December 2016. He bought her a beautiful gold bracelet which was wrapped and under the tree. But... while Frans was outside letting the dog out, the boys excitedly told Jenine about his plans and asked her if she wanted to marry their dad :) 

To Frans’ surprise when Frans returned, the secret was out! But… Frans managed to recover by still going down on one knee and asking Jenine himself (just to make it all official).

Both their wedding and their reception was held at the beautiful De Amshoff in Kiel-Windeweer and the whole event was catered for by the venue. The food... was delicious and the atmosphere relaxed.

When I asked Frans and Jenine what their favourite moments from the wedding were, they told me that it was the moment when they said 'YES' with Faas & Olaf present and making the Bridal Portraits together with the boys (who kept us all entertained!!!). They also loved the whole informal way in which they were able to enjoy their evening meal with their loved one's in the informal setting for the garden at De Amshoff. In their words: 'Heel bijzonder en gezellig!' (Very special and cozy). 

I asked Frans and Jenine what they were the most nervous about before their big day. Frans was worried that he would be too emotional when Jenine walked down the isle with her father. In the end, the boys helped keep him strong :)

Jenine was the most nervous about their first dance! She didn’t really want to do one… but the moment the music started, the nerves disappeared and the dance floor was buzzing! Jenine was also worried that she would get lifted up on the dance floor with her short wedding dress, but thankfully… that didn’t happen!!! 

They danced to their first song to 'Shut up and dance with me - Walk the moon'. The dance floor was packed from the first moment and the music was provided by Soundmasters Groningen.  

A few more people that helped their wedding go off without a hitch was:

Wedding Planner: Bianca Roozeboom-Koning

Wedding Invitations: Saskia van Spijker – The Wedding Press

Wedding Rings: Juwelier Klaas van Ark, Zuidlaren

Wedding Cake: Maaike’s taart Sneek

Florist: Juffertje in ‘t groen, Zuidlaren

Catering: De Amshoff

Wedding Dress: Jannie from Mariages Hoogeveen

Wedding Jewellery: Koonings bruidsmode online

Wedding Suit: ROKA Groningen

Wedding Car: Bourguignon Volkswagen, Leeuwarden

Wedding Decorations:,,,, XENOS, HEMA.

A few of the special details from the day which mean the most to the couple were:

·       The large white heart in front of their house – it was hand-made by Jenine and was originally a birth announcement board. It was used for both the boys and later rented out to others.

·       The pearl ring which Jenine’s mother passed down to her. Her mother was given the ring from HER parents on her 18th birthday and now it belongs to Jenine and is one of her most prized possessions, as not only does she love pearls, it’s the sentimental value that makes the ring priceless.

·       The Wedding Cake. They loved it!!! It turned out exactly as they imagined and hoped :)

·       The decorations. Jenine had a hand in most of the decorations and loved every little detail… from the little box for the rings, to the board containing the day programming and corsages which were pinned on to all the guests, it was all just so personal and beautiful!

And lastly… the balloon in memory of Jenine’s mother. The balloon was present at ALL the important parts of the day and is still floating on the couples’ ceiling today…

As for me, one of my personal favorite moments of the wedding was when Frans and Jenine exchanged their rings and signed their register, with the boys present. It was so wonderful to see how happy they were to be involved in the whole process :)

From all the wonderful events throughout the day which made their wedding special, the one event which stood out the most to Frans and Jenine, was when they let up balloons in honour of Jenine’s mother. After a cloudy and rainy day... the moment the balloons were released, the sun broke through the clouds and the weather changed to a sunny and bright afternoon… Just in time for the cutting of the cake and group photo’s to be taken.

Frans and Jenine described their day as emotional, intimate and relaxed with delicious food and at a beautiful location, in the company of their loved ones.

I think that says it all…. :)

Jennie's advice to future couples planning their wedding is this: 

Stay true to yourself!  When deciding on the details for your day, trust your feelings and choose the things you really want.  

Before I share a few more images from their day, I want to thank Frans and Jenine for sharing their story and wish them all the happiness in the world!