Arnout & Gerrita - Dalfsen, The Netherlands

I am honoured to be telling the story of Arnout & Gerrita today.

They met each other in a cozy little pub in Zwolle in January 2007 when Gerrita was supposed to go and watch 'Happy Feet' at the movies with a girlfriend. Instead, they went to a little pub called 't Proeflokaal in Zwolle, where Arnout was having a few drinks with some colleagues. These colleagues happened to also be colleagues of Gerrita's girlfriend and so... they all got to talking... and so this lovestory began :)

In 2015, almost 9 yrs after they first met, Arnout and Gerrita lived happy together in their beautiful home in Zwolle, with their 3 children, Bo, Kiki and Ebbe-Jort. As the clock struck 12 at midnight on the 29th of December 2015, signalling the start of Gerrita's birthday (and 6 days after the birth of their son) Arnout asked Gerrita to close her eyes. When she opened them he was down on one knee and Arnout asked Gerrita to marry him. Gerrita's immediate reaction was to ask Arnout if this was a joke? But then... he let her see the ring.... and the rest is history...   

Onder Ons Dalfsen

Whilst planning their wedding, Arnout and Gerrita were asked by their friend Patrick - who was to conduct their ceremony - to write down 3 personal traits of each other in a letter. These were to describe the reasons why they wanted to marry each other.

You don't even have to know Arnout and Gerrita to be in tears when reading these letters. The messages in these letters are beautiful and the words pure and filled with emotion. It's clear that these two were made for each other... 

Arnout describes Gerrita as his greatest support and the person that helps him reach his goals, makes him happy and that together they are a team who can make the best of ANY situation when faced together. Arnout considers himself very lucky to be with Gerrita and said that she is the one he wants to grow old with and that he looks forward to a happy future together with her and their children. 

Gerrita's letter is one of gratitude and thanks for all the little things that Arnout does for her and the kids and of pride for all that he has achieved. It's the little things he does which mean so much to her... His support for her and each of their 3 children when they need it most, shows that Arnout always puts his family first, even during his busy work schedule. She beautifully describes him as the man who makes her laugh, but also dries her tears. Gerrita wrote that Arnout is her best friend, her soulmate, her everything and said that without him.... she feels incomplete... 

Early in the morning of their wedding, I arrived at Gerrita's parents' home and Gerrita was waiving at me through the window. Her parent's and the kids were awake too and the excitement that spread throughout the house was infectious! 

I asked Gerrita where she had placed all the special details from her day for me to photograph, when she handed me her shoes and said: 

The devil is in the details darling! 

This totally made my day... As apart from every single wedding being different, it's all the little special details which makes it special...

On the day of their wedding, Gerrita was the most nervous about the moment when Arnout was to see her for the first time (hoping that he would find her beautiful) and for the ceremony. The ceremony was the moment it was all about and when Patrick was to read the letters which Gerrita and Arnout had written for each other. It was all very special and emotional.... 

Bridal Preperations

Arnout was also the most nervous about the first time he would see Gerrita as he had no idea what she would look like... She was very good at keeping it all secret. When he saw her... he thought she looked beautiful (and realised that he never doubted that she would). 

First Look

Their whole day was perfect... Arnout picked Gerrita and the kids up in a limo before we made some bridal portraits in a natural setting close to her parents' home. 

After this, we went to the venue to make some classic portraits and then... it was time for the ceremony... 

Arnout and Gerrita had an intimate ceremony where they were married in the company of family and close friends at the beautiful and very personal Onder Ons in Dalfsen. 

Onder Ons, Dalfsen

Their daughters were flower girls, Gerrita's father gave her away, their friend (Patrick) performed the ceremony and another friend (Roelijn) played the violin. Some of these details were kept secret until the moment when Arnout stepped out in front of their guests and informed them of what was to happen... 

When I asked Arnout and Gerrita what from their wedding day stood out to them, they said that the whole day was perfect, but also wanted to give a special mention to their flower girls, their guests, their flowers and their rings! I asked what their favourite moment of their wedding was, and they both said that it was the moment that they said: YES :)

A big thank you goes out to these wonderful people and companies that helped make Arnout and Gerrita's day so special:

Ceremoniemeester: Helen de Smidt

Venue: Onder Ons, Dalfsen

Catering: Feest & Culinair

Cake: HEMA 

Florist: Robert Exoo

Wedding Dress: La Bella Blanca (Zwolle)

Grooms Clothing: ROKA (Groningen)

Limo: Limonodig

DJ: Peter Klaren (brother of the ceremoniemeester)

After dinner, there were special presentations and speeches delivered by their friends and Arnout's father before the evening guests arrived and the dance floor was opened!

Their first dance was to 'Year of Summer - Niels Geusebroek' after which the celebrations truly began and together with their guests... they danced the night away! 

Arnout and Gerrita, congratulations! You already have a wonderful life together! Stay this strong and beautiful couple that you are and never stop spreading the love :)