Cornelis & Maren - Raesfeld/Borken-Gemen, Germany

Today I get to tell you the beautiful Love Story of Cornelis and Maren, who were married on the 8th of September 2017 during two wedding ceremonies in both Schloss Raesfeld, Germany and Johanneskirche in Borken-Gemen, Germany. Their love has conquered borders, language- and cultural differences and even though they grew up very differently (Cornelis in The Netherlands and Maren in Germany), together, they make the strongest and most beautiful team imaginable!

Engagement Session Raesfeld

Cornelis and Maren met for the first time on the 30th of August 2010, during their first day of their 'Bachelor Land- and Water Management' Course at Van Hall, Larenstein (University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands). 2.5 Months later, it was Maren's 20th Birthday and she was not allowed (by her landlord) to have a party at her house. So... just like a 'night in shining armour', Cornelis came to the rescue and offered for Maren to have a party at HIS house. It was at this party... that they kissed for the first time... 

After her party, they started dating and one day before Christmas in 2010, Cornelis went with Maren to Germany to meet her parents for the first time... He was only supposed to stay there for one night but during that night, it snowed so much that Cornelis could not leave. The car which he borrowed from Gertjan (who was the chauffeur and one of the groomsmen at their wedding) was fitted with summer tires and was rear wheel drive, so Cornelis could not drive through the snow. This weekend, he not only met Maren's parents for the first time, but also ended up spending Christmas with Maren's family.

Engagement Session

On the evening of Christmas Day and when everyone had gone to bed, Cornelis officially asked Maren to be in a relationship with him. This was a Christmas neither of them will ever forget... 

In the September of 2015, Maren went to Brazil to conduct her research for her Master Thesis. She would stay in Brazil until the April of 2016 and Cornelis was planning to visit her in the February. Before going to Brazil... Cornelis went to Germany to ask Maren's father for her hand in marriage. Cornelis had also been in touch with Maren's Brazilian roommate Lucas, who helped Cornelis plan the proposal. Lucas had already known of Cornelis' plans since the November... but kept it quiet! 

In Brazil on the 4th of February 2016, Cornelis and Maren went out to dinner to the 'Lago do Sul' with Maren's closest friends out there, Lucas and Winie. After the dinner, Lucas and Winie said that they were "tired" and therefore left Cornelis and Maren on their own. What they actually did... was follow Cornelis and Maren as they went for a walk, so that they could secretly photograph the moment Cornelis would propose. But... Cornelis was so nervous, that he asked Maren to marry him before Lucas and Winie were ready to take a picture! :) 

Love Shoot

Cornelis was so relieved after Maren said 'YES', that he could now truly enjoy their holiday together. They now consider that holiday as their 'pre-honeymoon'. 

Their beautiful 'Multi-Cultural Wedding' (representing more than 10 nationalities!) took place on Friday the 8th of September 2017 and consisted of TWO ceremonies. Firstly at the Schloss Raesfeld, Germany and then at the Johanneskirche in Borken-Gemen, Germany. The reception took place in the garden of Maren's parents in Borken.  

I asked Cornelis and Maren why they wanted to get married in September, when they told me that they both studied Water Management and they wanted to pick a day which they 'thought' would be most likely to NOT RAIN. Well... on their Wedding Day it rained from morning to night... and I'll be honest to say that I couldn't imagine it any different for Cornelis and Maren! The rain created a magical sphere during which the 'holding of umbrellas' during photo sessions became a sport :)

Wedding Portraits Germany

The rain appeared like a sign of the abundance of love that these two share and as a blessing on their futures together in Water Management. 

Westerveld Trouwfotografie

I asked Cornelis and Maren which little details from their Wedding Day were the most special to them and why? 

Maren said the following: 

Something borrowed: watch from my grandma who was in hospital that day.
Westerveld Trouwfotografie
Something old: a piece of my mothers wedding dress which was sewn into my wedding dress.
Westerveld Trouwfotografie
The "doopkaars" in church (I received it during my baptism and it comes back at all special moments in life).
Westerveld Trouwfotografie
My earrings (Zeeuwse knoop), given by Cornelis as a present. Cornelis had matching cufflinks. 
westerveld Trouwfotografie
Decorations: Fun with flags (there were little flags to stick on your name badge. It helped people to talk to each other more easily and led to some funny situations, as some people just stuck all the flags they liked on their badges and then other people would start to talk in that language and they would not understanding a word). 

For Cornelis, it was:

The wooden watch with the inscription "Ik hou van jou, elke seconde een beetje meer" which he received as a gift from Maren.  
Westerveld Trouwfotografie
The T1 campervan.
Westerveld Trouwfotografie

I then asked Cornelis and Maren what their favourite moments were from their wedding, when Cornelis explained that it was the whole church ceremony, the 'First Look' and the fireworks display. 

Westerveld Trouwfotografie

For Maren it was when they said their vows in church, hearing the band playing upon entering the church and the speech from her father.

Westerveld Trouwfotografie

I also asked them what they were the most nervous about on their Wedding Day. Maren was nervous about the weather, but on the day itself, it did not bother her at all! She was also nervous about how all the different nationalities and cultures would work together... but in the end... it was clear that everyone had a great time! 

For Cornelis, it was the waiting for Maren in the Church that felt like torture! But... after seeing Maren entering with her father, all his nervous feelings disappeared...

Westerveld Trouwfotografie

He was also worried about the 'First Dance' and will still judge how this went after he's seen the Wedding Video ;)

First Dance Wedding

Their First Dance was danced to 'Amazing Day' by Coldplay. A few months prior to their wedding, they went to see Colplay in concert in Leipzig, so this song had extra special meaning to them. 

Both Cornelis and Maren described their overall experience of their Wedding Day as... PERFECT! Maren said that the day just went too fast and that even the rainy weather could not put a damper on their overwhelming feelings of happiness! Cornelis described the day and atmosphere as perfect with ALL THE PEOPLE HE LOVES having been there. He loved all the extras which were organised for them, the balloons and the fireworks display (which was organised as a surprise from Maren's parents) to name but a few... 

A big thank you goes out to these awesome companies that helped make Cornelis and Maren’s day so special: 

Wedding Dress: Hochzeitsrausch, Cologne

Catering and Wedding Cake: Partyservice Wachtmeister

Band: Lecker Nudelsalat

Florist, Hair & Make-Up: Andrea Klosterman

Wedding Car:

Wedding Planning: Maren & Charlie Wessels ;)

An extra special thanks goes out to Andrea Klostermann (Eventstyle): She is very creative and not only did Maren's hair and make-up, but she also did all the flower decorations and flower bouquets. Lecker Nudelsalat: The evening band was just perfect! Rene Nicholson: We've had a beautiful teaser of the wedding movie already. Their Church Band who played during the church ceremony. All the members of the band were friends from church and Inge (sister-in-law and bridesmaid) joined the band specially for the wedding, where she beautifully played the violin to make this whole experience extra special... and complete. 

Wedding Ceremony Violinist
Church Band

Cornelis and Maren executed the whole wedding as a team... At the start of dinner and to the surprise of their guests, Cornelis welcomed all in German and Maren in Dutch :)

Wedding Reception

During Cornelis and Maren's reception dinner, the sound of glasses clinging were constantly heard, followed by Cornelis and Maren getting up from their seats and kissing. This had all the guest cheering and happened multiple times during their dinner. When I asked Cornelis and Maren about this, they explained that it was a German tradition (which they had no idea where it originated from). They told me that the guests made the noise by clinging on their glasses with a spoon and that they would not stop until the bride and groom kissed.

Westerveld Trouwfotografie

This was so much fun! Especially when Cornelis and Maren (tired out by all the 'show kissing') were saved by Cornelis' dad... getting up and kissing Cornelis' mom! :)

Cornelis and Maren would like to give the following advice to couples planning their own wedding: 

Do whatever you like. Do not worry too much about what your guests could want. It is your day and as long as you are happy, everybody else will be too. Keep as much time as possible between the different ceremonies, we really enjoyed the small breaks in between.

If you want to see more images from Cornelis and Maren's wedding, the scroll through the images below: 

Cornelis and Maren, thank you for sharing your beautiful Love Story and day with us... May your life continue in the same way it has begun... filled with love and adventure, and always stay the inspirational team you are! 

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