Family Wall Art

I was so excited to deliver these images this week! 

What started as an experiment for a 'modern wall art' collage for a new home... was so much fun to do! 

I asked the  mum, 'what do you want from this session' and she told me that she wanted some portraits, showcasing her family, as they are right now...

I have done a Lifestyle 'in-home' session for this family before so I wasn't sure if the personalities of the kids would come out in a studio session (which is the most important thing to me... keeping it real!).

But.... after some jumps and giggles.... we got there! 

Charlie Wessels Fotografie

These session are now part of the service I offer and I'm excited to see how the product develops (and I'll keep you posted!). 

Happy Friday! 

Charlie Wessels Fotografie