Wedding TTPs (Top Tips for Planning) - Part 2

After all the time spent planning your perfect day, your wedding day goes by too fast! 

Colin and Elm's advice to future couples is this: 

"Don't forget to spend time with each other during all the excitement of the day: - Colin & Elm. 

Here's a few ways for less stress on your Wedding Day and to spend more time focussing on each other: 

1.  Appoint someone to run with your timeline and just... let it go!

There is more than enough time to discuss the Wedding Timeline before the wedding. If you do not have a Wedding Planner, then pick someone you trust to run with the timeline you approved, and LET IT GO. 

Problems always arise on the wedding day (tiny little details or timings may not go as you planned) but that is ok! This is YOUR story and each wedding is unique. Enjoy the day! And trust your Best Man/Ceremonimeester (or whomever will be running with the timeline) to deal with whatever may happen. 

You... just need to show up, focus on each other and enjoy :)


2.  Take extra time for portraits

Taking extra time for portraits means that you are not rushed and can literally just take a moment to realise what is happening... You are committing to the person you love on the most beautiful day of your life! Wow... What can be better than that? :)

If your portraits are taken after the ceremony and whilst your guests are having a drink and waiting for you, then this is the perfect opportunity to arrange for a picnic basket with some champagne and snacks.

You don't have to only take photo's during your portrait sessions. You can take a break, have some champagne and relax... The day goes by so fast!


3.  Take a break together between big events

After dinner and before the dancing, when you go to 'powder your nose', why not do it together? (this can even be planned in your timeline so you can take a planned break together and it HAS TO happen). Take 15 minutes to just talk about what happened and enjoy the moment! Once you start talking to all your guests you will be standing next to each other but have no time alone as you are the 'star of the show' and everyone wants to congratulate you. 


Your Wedding Day will go by so fast... You have a few moments (saying your vows and the first dance) where you can just stare into each others eyes and enjoy the moment.

When you blink, the rest is over.

Make the effort to create the moments in the day where you can be alone together. 

Happy planning! 

Charlie Wessels Fotografie