VENDOR LOVE - Hennie Jager (Landgoed Overcinge)

So much more than the beautiful locations... it's the service provided to us that gives us the wonderful experiences! I have decided to start raving about the individuals who go that extra mile within the Wedding Industry, when I come across them. One such person is HENNIE JAGER. 

When I asked Hennie what it was that she dreamt of being when she was a little girl, she told me that it was exactly what she was doing now... working in the Hotel/Catering Industry and teaching about it :)

Landgoed Overcinge 1

Hennie is the Manager at Landgoed Overcinge in Havelte, which is a local Wedding Venue in my area. They not only cater for Weddings, but also for Meetings, Birthday Parties, 'Teambuilding'-days, Funerals and all other events you can think of. They also have accommodation on site. 

When I asked Hennie what it was that makes Landgoed Overcinge special, she told me that it was the character of the old building and the service of the staff :) I couldn't agree more! 

Landgoed Overcinge 2

Hennie started with the company in March 2014 and simply loves working with people and the buzz of large functions. I can't recall ever seeing her without a smile and no task is ever too big. The first time I met Hennie was during a Wine Tasting event at the venue in 2014.

Actually, it was more of a 'Wine and Cheese Pairing' and ended up being the best wine tasting I've EVER had! (Which is a huge statement coming from a South African!). Since then I've been raving about the experience and have met with Hennie on different occasions to discuss photo shoots and ask for her views and advice on different matters. 

Landgoed Overcinge 3

What Hennie finds most important when dealing with clients, is to listen to their wishes and make them possible in the most satisfactory way. 

Her motto is to start every day with a smile and a good mood (I love that!). 

I find Hennie to be incredibly professional, friendly and easy to talk to. So if you have any questions or requests, why not get in touch with her directly via the website: 

Landgoed Overcinge

Thank you for sharing with us Hennie!