Getting to know Annet - 1. Introduction

Only a few people know of the 'project' which Annet and I have taken on over the past months... 

I am blessed and honoured that I get to share this with you now. 

Annet and I am making a book!

It's a cancer story. Annet's cancer story. About her own personal journey through treatment and recovery. 

It came about whilst we were chatting over a cup of tea. It was Annet's idea... or mine. I'm not sure. But we both liked the idea instantaneously. 

I would be photographing her journey and Annet would write down her thoughts. Our idea was, that, once Annet was better, that we'd finish the book and then she could literally 'close the book' on this whole experience. Annet would get a chance to explain to her family and friends what her thoughts were that she was struggling with on a daily basis whilst having to keep mentally strong in order to face the challenges that each new day of treatment brings... and others would get the chance to understand her personal struggle. 

I don't think that my words could ever do justice to the story that I'm about to tell, but I'm hoping to help give others a better understanding of the daily struggles and challenges which you have to face, after being told that you have cancer.

This is also Annet's chance to explain. Work through her feelings. Help others understand. The good, the bad and the ugly. 

See the problem with Annet is that she ALWAYS smiles! Annet has an energy when she enters a room that is so infectious you can't help but want to get to know her better! Even through this journey and the pain she faces, I can't recall a day I haven't seen Annet smile. Because of her personality and the positive person she is, you have no idea how hard she sometimes finds it as her struggle is internal. 

Having had close family members and friends face this struggle too, I take the responsibility upon myself to help raise awareness to the family and friends of those fighting cancer, of the internal challenges they face. Maybe with a better understanding, we can support them better by just.... being there. 

So... let me introduce Annet: 

Annet is inspiring, caring and beautifully eccentric :)

Annet is 56 years old, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a Skincare Advisor and a 'mosaic' enthusiast. 

Annet was diagnosed with Breast cancer on the 21st of May 2015. 

Annet has given me permission to blog about the journey we have taken on together, whilst 'collecting the pieces' needed to make her book. I will be blogging about this journey on a fortnightly basis. Do you have an 'Annet' in your life? Please join us on the journey and feel free to comment below. I know that Annet will be joining in. 

This is her story...