How to... dress for a family session

So... you have booked a photo session with your family! 

Wondering what to wear?.... 

When selecting your outfits for the day, I have three rules to follow:

1. Be comfortable. 

This is the most important part when it comes to picking out your clothes! If you're wearing something which is uncomfortable (itchy or too tight), then you will be pulling at your clothes the entire session. Not only that, but your face will tell the story (in your photo's) of you being uncomfortable which means you may look unhappy...

2. Be You. 

A portrait is an image that's meant to capture you and your family’s personality. In years to come, the clothes will be what date’s the portrait. It is so clear to see pictures of the 70’s by what people were wearing. And yes... I'm totally referring to the photo's of my dad in his bell-bottoms and with his long curly hair!  This is why I do not recommend the whole family wearing the same… (Like blue jeans and white t-shirts!!!). You’ll never know which era it was when looking at these pictures or which 'style' and 'fashion' you used to like :)

3. Be Bold.

You should always be you, but don't be afraid to amp things up a bit. Consider beautiful prints, statement jewellery and shoes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Scarves, belts, earrings, and rings -- all those details can really add to a picture.


No matter the season. You can always remove one layer (like a jacket or scarf) for a whole new look during your session. For example, in the winter wear lots of textured pieces such as cosy knitwear, fuzzy faux fur and velvet. In the summer, you can still wear a cotton scarf and a summer jacket - denim or otherwise. 


This will draw the attention AWAY from your beautiful faces as your eyes naturally want to read the words and follow the lines first. The first thing you want your eyes to be drawn to when looking at the photo's will your beautiful faces and the connection between the family members. 

I recommend mom choosing her outfit first... And then the rest of the family. Outfits should never be similar but it's nice if the colour tones go with each other. 

Please just use the above as tips and guidelines and wear whatever you are comfortable in! If you have any questions... please get in touch! :)