The MAGIC of love...

Love is the greatest and most powerful magic of all... It's what makes you want to climb mountains and cross oceans, it makes no distance seem too great and no sacrifice too big. It's what dreams are made of and futures are built on... and once it's not there anymore... it's the greatest pain of all. Anyone who has experienced love will know this to be true... 

Love is a gift and above anything else in my life, I have realised just how important it is... to celebrate love. 

This is why I focus my business on telling the story of loved one's and families in everything I do.

Charlie Wessels Fotografie Storybook

Every one of my Wedding Packages includes a 'Story Book'. The story of how the couple met and how they experienced their Wedding Day (as written by me) so that they have something to save and look back on (apart from their Album).

As you get ready to celebrate Christmas with your loved one's and create those special memories together... We would like to wish you love and happiness from our home to yours :)