VENDOR LOVE - Debby Kisjes - Onder Ons, Dalfsen

From time to time, I meet the people who's passion for their business and who's personal service makes you want to tell others about them. 

Today... I want to tell you about Debby Kisjes from 'Onder Ons'. She is the owner/events manager of this beautiful little 'hidden gem' of a location in Dalfsen.

Onder Ons Dalfsen

The first time I walked through the gates of 'Onder Ons', it felt like I had walked into a venue based in the Cape in South Africa. The only thing missing were the mountains and the winelands in the background. During the day it is beautiful, green and welcoming and at night... the changing lights creates an atmosphere which is quite... magical! 

Debby has a way to immediately make you feel at ease and she's always eager to give you a tour of the beautiful facilities. 

The whole venue, inside and out, is filled with little details which shout out 'personal touch'.

Onder Ons Dalfsen

Debby told me that she first bought the venue with her husband in 2003 when it was just a big old barn. The idea was to transform the place into an 'audio-/filmstudio'. As Debby was used to working 'on location' for her Film Projects, she was unsure if she would be able to do all of her work from one location (at the studio). From there the decision to build a small theatre which would open up the opportunity for a hospitality business, for Debby to run alongside of her Film Projects. 

The interest in the hospitality venue grew fast as so many people wanted to have their parties there. It was not long before the first request came for a wedding to be held at Onder Ons and the rest... is history!   

Onder Ons Dalfsen

Debby loved arranging all the details surrounding film productions and now... she has the opportunity to arrange all the details for someone's special day. 

Debby loves personalising the whole wedding experience for the couples so that the venue and the day fits in with their personal requirements. 

Debby has always loved working with people but now... she has the chance to contribute to this very important day of a couple's lives.  

Debby tells me that arranging weddings is a very personal and varied job... with new stories and new meetings where no two days are the same. 

The first wedding at Onder Ons was held in 2007 and since then, Debby has arranged more than 500 weddings and still loves every project like it was the first! 

Onder Ons Dalfsen

I asked Debby how they decided on the name and she said: 

"Een gemoedelijke dag, met een persoonlijke sfeer en in besloten kring. Vandaar dat de naam ook 'Onder Ons' is geworden." 

(A pleasant day with a personal atmosphere and in a private circle. From there that the name 'Onder Ons' was chosen.)

Does this sound like your kind of wedding? Then do yourself a favour and meet with Debby at this beautiful and very personal location.