It was love at first sight...

"It was love at first sight" is how they described it when I asked how they first met.

Ferry and Lieke are such a beautiful couple and when you meet them, you will not believe that they have already been together for 12 years. They told me that they are just as in love as when they first met, the only difference is that they know each other better now. 

I'm so excited about their wedding and I couldn't wait to share their story :)

The first time Ferry saw Lieke, was when he accompanied a friend of his to a sports hall where Lieke was playing volleyball. Ferry's friend had a girlfriend on the team (who is the person they went to support). The moment that Ferry and Lieke's eyes met... the sparks started to fly. Both of them were in other relationships at the time, but after this day... the other relationships did not last long at all. 

They saw each other later that week again at a school party and two weeks later... they were both single. 6 Weeks later... Ferry arrived at the campsite in France (to the shock of Lieke's father) where Lieke was on holiday with her parents. The rest... is history.

Ferry and Lieke have been together ever since!

For their 11 year anniversary and to celebrate Lieke's birthday, Ferry planned a surprise weekend to Scheveningen. Lieke had always joked about saying 'NO' if Ferry didn't come up a great marriage proposal so Ferry... pulled out all the stops. 

It was a dream of Lieke's to go horseback riding on the beach, so Ferry arranged for this and at sunset, whilst they were horse riding together, they stopped for a photo opportunity and walked towards where the the waves were breaking onto the beach. This is the moment when Ferry went down on one knee and proposed... (is that perfect timing or what?!). 

Until that moment... Lieke had NO IDEA that Ferry was going to propose (these two are used to traveling to beautiful destinations together so Lieke did not suspect a thing!). Lieke was totally bowled over by Ferry's proposal and luckily still managed to answer (without any hesitation) a loud 'Y-E-S'!

They ended up staying right there on the beach during sunset, popping the champagne that they had with them.

That just goes to show... it doesn't matter how many years you've been together... never ever stop surprising each other and NEVER stop making romantic gestures. It is totally possible to be in love forever! Spending time with the one you love is always a blessing and should never be taken for granted. 

Ferry and Lieke will be married next month in a beautiful little white church (more about that after the wedding) and their reception will be at a gorgeous location in Dalfsen, Onder Ons, which has a stunning garden and reminds me so much of the Cape Winelands. 

Ferry is the most excited about seeing Lieke for the first time in her wedding dress and Lieke is most looking forward to the ceremony, saying 'yes' and the reception (so everything really!). 

I loved getting to know both of them better during their Engagement Session and it's obvious from the photos just how much these two are in love.  

Thank you to Ferry and Lieke for sharing your story and good luck for the final preparations before your big day. I can't wait to share your 'Summer Chic' wedding with the world :)