Friends, boat trips and 'going for coffee' is how it all started...

I recently photographed Ruurd & Corina in the beautiful and historic Groningen for their Engagement Session. This soon-to-be wedded couple will be getting married on the 25th of September this year in Dokkum and their Wedding Reception will take place at De Riethoven which is near Leeuwarden.

I'm so excited to be photographing their wedding and especially because Ruurd (who is in the military) will be involving his uniformed colleagues and Corina (who is a teacher) will be involving her school children in the celebrations. 

Ruurd and Corina are just so relaxed together. I've never been in Groningen before this shoot and they were showing me around, telling me stories of how they first met. The Engagements Shoot is always a great chance for the couple to see how I work so they can just relax and enjoy their wedding day, knowing that I have it all under control but when I get the chance to learn more about them... then it's a complete bonus!!! 

Ruurd & Corina met in 2011 through a friend of Corina's who was in a relationship with a friend of Ruurd's (ideal!!!!). 

To hear the story of how someone met and the process of how they fell in love (whether it was love at first sight or a long process growing from a friendship) you cannot help but feel thankful for being allowed to be a part of it all... I can't help but smile when I hear the stories of love and commitment and this one... is no different! 

Ruurd and Corina went on boat trips with their mutual friends which turned into to 'coffee meetings' (as they never called the dates... only 'going for coffee') and bonded over time. Their relationship was always meant to be and when you meet them, it's clear to see... Corina tells of sleeping under a leaking canvas on the outdoor deck of the boat (where Ruurd was sleeping too) explaining that in hindsight... this was actually a perfect time to bond. She also refers to this night as the first time that she actually thought that Ruurd had some 'serious potential'.

But... the biggest turn in their 'low key, no pressure friendship' was when Ruurd returned from a deployment to Afghanistan... After arriving with the train from Groningen... she could 'spot him in a crowded train station'. The rest... is history... 

On the 4th of October 2014, Ruurd proposed to Corina. In their own words... this is how it happened: 

"We went to Ameland, our favourite island in the Waddenzee. This island has a special place in both our hearts, Ruurd went there on summer holidays with his family and Corina had some pre-teen memories when she went on schoolcamp there.  

In this period of time we talked about getting married a lot, what our future wedding was going to look like and what the proposal would be like.

That trip Ruurd had it all planned out (with military precision :). Corina always puts a little suitcase on the bed when packing and we both put our things in there, Corina put the ring in the suitcase herself without knowing...  
We went for a walk on the beach, again having a lot of fun about what the proposal would be like. Ruurd asked Corina what she thinks the marriage proposal would be like. "I told him that it would be so funny when a plane just went by saying: Corina, marry me!", but I said I thought that just wasn't his kind of style".
Joking that it also wasn't possible to walk for a while and see the proposal written in the sand... 
Then Ruurd asked Corina how she thinks that he would actually propose to her, she said that they would be together, walking in a forest or on a beach and THAT was the moment Ruurd was waiting for...
Ruurd smiled and said as cool as he could be "dan is het maar goed dat ik deze meegenomen heb" and showed Corina the ring. 
Corina couldn't believe her eyes, she laughed, cried, and hit (I think they mean Ruurd here!) for a few minutes.. leaving the German tourists very surprised at the beach..."

Apart from being excited of their wedding as a whole, Corina most looks forward to that moment when Ruurd sees her for the first time, the Wedding Ceremony being led by Ruurd's mother (how cool is that?!?!!!) and the party in the evening (of course!!!). 

A special moment for Ruurd (apart from EVERYTHING else at the wedding) will be when they both walk out of the City Hall at Dokkum and they are met by a military 'Honour Guard' and Corina's schoolchildren.

Wow... What a day to look forward to!

I know it's going to be a gorgeous wedding!

If you recognise any of the above locations, want to get in touch or just want to leave the couple some well-wishes for their future together, then please leave a comment :)

Also, click on the link below to see more photo's from their session: 

Ruurd & Corina