3 Female photographers who have inspired me

There are so many amazing photographers around the world (male and female) to be inspired by. A photographer does not have to be well known or famous to inspire or be inspiring, anyone who makes you want to be better... can claim the role :) 

I have such wonderful photographer friends and industry colleagues who inspire me every day by what they do, that my list of inspiration... is endless.  

I do however want to tell you about 3 Female Photographers who have helped me go that 'extra mile' and believe more in myself. Their honesty about their own journey's to success and sharing their experiences and challenges, have helped me believe that I can (with passion and dedication) live my dreams too!  

It's quite daunting writing this post as I don't think that I can find the words to be able to do them and the lessons I've learnt from each one... justice. 

If you are an aspiring photographer and don't yet know these photographers, then I can highly recommend getting to know them better: 



Jasmine is an International Wedding Photographer based in Orange County, California. Her personality is electric and her passion... infectious! 

Jasmine started out her adult life, studying to be a lawyer. She decided that she wanted to be a Wedding Photographer before she even owned a camera!!!! With hardly any equipment and little to no money... she started her journey of learning, living her dreams and working very hard. 

In no time at all, Jasmine became one of the most successful wedding photographers in the world. She has taught me to be honest about who you are. Those who love you and love what you do, will become your clients, the rest... was not meant to be.

I met her a few weeks ago at the European Wedding Congress and couldn't help but feeling like a giggling schoolgirl! (How embarrassing!!!).

Thank you Jasmine for being honest and just an allround nice person. You are proof that nice people DO get ahead! 



Christina is an Editorial Storytelling and Fine Art Photographer from Denmark. She is also an incredible and inspiring life coach. 

I love her beautiful and uncluttered way of photography and love even more that she has helped inspire my 'workspace' during a Lifestyle Photography Course which I did with her. She has helped me create a space in which I feel at peace and inspired and an area in which I actually want to work in. 

Christina is also very honest about who she is and very encouraging in helping you find your own voice. We are all so different as photographers that we are not completing with each other. 

Thank you to Christina I have realised that I absolutely love telling the story... the story of your wedding... the story of your family. This is why I love being part of the process to be working on projects rather than just taking one photo. 



KT Merry  is a Fine Art Wedding Photographer who is based in Miami and specialises in destination weddings, worldwide. I have so much respect for her. She not only makes beautiful photos... she shoots full weddings ON FILM! Can you imagine just how many rolls of film she (and her crew) needs to be carrying around during a wedding? (and I can now imagine wedding photographers from the 'pre-digital' era raising their eyebrows asking how I think they did it back then? I take my hat off to all of you!)

I love shooting personal projects on film as it makes you look at your subjects differently and think about your photography (and especially light!) a lot more. The process of developing your own film is also a very personal one. Actually producing something and touching with your hands... what you have made. I learnt to develop film in Amsterdam and I can not express the respect I have for photographers who were part of this wonderful process of capturing life... when it first began. 

KT Merry encourages you to shoot for yourself and photograph what you love and to keep on practicing! To be good at anything in life takes practice, hard work and dedication. 

"Practice is not the thing you do once you are good... practice is what makes you good. " - Malcolm Gladwell


Each one of the photographers named above, not only see the beauty in life, but they share how it makes them feel. Those beautiful feelings and positive vibes are infectious, and what drives me to want to be better... in all that I do. 

Thank you to each photographer out there who does what they love and especially for sharing it! 

Here's to hard work, being the best that you can be and life long learning whilst doing what you love. 


Love Charlie