'Highschool sweethearts'..... exist! :)

When you meet others whose lives are filled with love, it's only natural that it affects you in a positive way. Meeting couples like René and Marije, are one of the reasons why I love my choice of career :)

René and Marije met at school and started dating when they were only 16, the date, to be exact, was 19 June 2005. They will be married this year, on the 10 year anniversary of the day they started dating (how wonderful...).  

I love hearing about proposals! Each one is different and personal and it marks the beginning of your wedding celebrations with your loved ones and friends. 

Marije told me that René had a shirt made for Nina, their beautiful little daughter, which said: ‘Mama, wil je met papa trouwen???’ 

René told Marije to close her eyes as he dressed Nina in her new shirt and then he handed her to Marije.  When Marije opened her eyes, she saw the shirt and René, who was down on one knee with this beautiful ring.... Wow... 

Marije never said what her answer was, but I think we can guess that one :)

They will have their Wedding Reception at Buitengoed Fredeshiem, a location they chose for its beautiful surroundings and it's close proximity to family and friends. 


Marije is most excited about the Wedding Details. Her mother and sister will be making the cake and the table decorations and her sister-in-law is making the invitations. Every detail of the wedding, is personally selected and researched by Marije herself. She said that René is happy with her selecting the wedding details (with the help of Pinterest!), but occasionally, he adds his opinion and makes adjustments where needed.

We ended up having a bit of a 'Family Session' with Nina and their dog, Ollie. And.... we had beautiful weather with sunshine (and no rain!!!). It was brilliant!

Here are some of the photos from their session:

When I asked Marije if she had advice for other couples when planning their 'Engagement Session/ Love Shoot', she said she really liked having photo's taken where her and René both had their mutual hobby (they both play football) and would highly recommend it incorporating the things you share which are special to you, into your session. She also had photos taken at a sign, bearing the name of her late grandfather. These details are not important to others... but they are personal to them.

Congratulations to you both and I look forward to photographing your wedding in June :)