Lessons in determination

This is a heartfelt letter of thanks to each and every athlete, who competed in the World Cup Paracycling in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, this past weekend. 

It was such an emotional experience cheering on athletes who had missing limbs, difficulties with sight and other issues, flying around the indoor wooden track with the grace and speed of any world class competitor with no disabilities. 

My father believed that "Anything is possible if the will to succeed is strong enough", and all of you, prove him right. 

Thank you to those cycling with missing limbs, to those who cycle with guides because they themselves have difficulties seeing, to those (Dane Wilson) who have a day job and a family and funds most of the training and equipment themselves and train after work in the evenings, so that they could still compete at world class level. 

Thank you to all of you who overcome daily difficulties in order to show us what can really be possible and the true meaning of determination really is... 

For it is what makes us different, which sets us apart!