Why handwritten notes mean so much more...

Any act of thanks is ALWAYS welcome, in which ever form. It let's you know that you've done something right and made a difference to someone (which is the BEST feeling ever!).

Technology makes it so easy to 'whatsapp' or FB or e-mail... but these methods are almost forgotten just as fast as they are seen. 

There is something so much more romantic and traditional about displaying a handwritten card or saving a letter someone wrote to you (in their own handwriting) almost like a fingerprint... displaying a little piece of their heart. Someone has taken the time to put pen to paper to let you know... that you are important to them. 

Thank you for every hand written note and card which I have ever received. 

Thank you to Jacqs who's sent (what seemed like a hundred postcards) during the time we were far away from our families, serving our country in a very hot place :)

Thank you to Evita and her family for this beautiful card and 'long-life' tulips :)

Thank you to my mom who manages to fit an essay on a card and always ensures it's filled with meaning and inspiration. 

Thank you so my little sister who used to write me a card for my birthday, make it look like a voucher and writing 'IOU' on it :)

Thank you to Savannah who has sent me cards filled with scribbles, because she can't write yet. I have no idea what it says... but it means the world! 

Thank you to my dad who has written so many notes to my mom when he was still alive, that we were able to use his handwriting to engrave a necklace for my mom on her birthday. Somehow... it seems like he is still there through his handwriting and no e-mail... could replicate something so special. 

Everyone's handwriting is unique and the act of writing to someone... is personal.

Make an effort and write a note to someone who means something to you, today.