Ferry & Lieke - Den Ham / Dalfsen, The Netherlands

On Saturday the 12th of September, Ferry & Lieke were married in the most beautiful vintage inspired wedding and the weather couldn't have been better... 

If you want to read more about how this wonderful couple (who's been together for 12 years already), then please click here.

What a beautiful day we had at Het Witte Kerkje in Den Ham. The guests arrived in an old American School Bus provided by Elbobus and the weather was just perfect! 

Lieke looked stunning wearing a picture-perfect wedding dress from Bruidsboetiek 't voorhuus and Ferry was just the epitome off the 'Summer Chic' Vintage-theme :)

Two of the details from the wedding which were the most precious to the couple, was the bracelet that Lieke wore which used to belong to her grandmother and their quirky little corsages (to which the men had cigars attached!!!).

I got to wear one of these cute little corsages too! They were so cleverly attached to your clothing with magnets, so no pins to be sticking through your shirts or dresses. The flowers and these little corsages, were all done by De Vergeet Me Niet in Hoogeveen. 

Ferry & Lieke said that their day 'Could not be better!' and that the day felt like they were celebrating it with one big loving family. 

The one moment during their wedding which they were most anxious about... was the first moment they saw each other when Lieke walked into the church. It was an emotional moment and they described it as perfect... there was only one thing... 

After Lieke walked into the church and Ferry saw her for the first time... they sat down... the music stopped... and then we all realised... The ambtenaar... who was supposed to marry them... was not there yet...

After all the excitement with the school bus full of guests arriving, the red carpet set in place, the groom waiting at the front and Marja rushing around to check that all details were ready... None of us (parents, guests, groom or Marja....) realised that the main official who was needed to legalise this marriage, was not there yet... 

So what happens when you've just had a really emotional entry to your wedding and you realise that the wedding can't start yet? 

You have champagne! Have a chat with you guests, relax... and walk in again :)

There was just a little misunderstanding regarding the time the wedding started, but I honestly believe that this little 'unplanned' part of their wedding was meant to be. The couple got a break to relax and the spirits all round was so high, that it just made the day better! Ferry & Lieke had a chance to relax and the church ceremony lasted longer (which is the one thing that most brides wished for... so that they could really have the time to enjoy that part of the day). 

Now, Lieke can tell the story that... she was lucky enough to walk down the isle on her wedding day... twice! 

Their reception was held at a beautiful venue in Dalfsen, called Onder Ons. If this was surrounded by mountains, I would have believed that I was in the Cape in South Africa. This little place has such an amazing atmosphere, wonderful staff and the little details... are so special... On top of that, the catering by Feest & Culinair was delicious!!

A special thanks goes out to Debby from Onder Ons. The bride and groom are both full of compliments saying that Debby was very helpful and I have to agree!  Debby even set time aside to meet with me before the wedding and show me around, which helped me with my planning and just got me even more excited about this big day :)

Ferry and Lieke said that their favourite moments from the wedding were:

  • The first time they saw each other
  • The speeches from friends & family and
  • Their first dance followed by the party

Their music was catered for by Party Sensations with DJ Niels and with Robin Kisjes singing their first dance song, You & I  from John Legend. 

After a romantic first dance, Ferry & Lieke surprised their guests with their own choreographed dance with friends and family joining in on 'Apache - Sugar Hill Gang' and then, they opening the dance floor with confetti canons and 'Let me clear my throat - DJ Kool' - their party starter!  

It was an amazing day!!! 

The couple's advice to future brides and grooms planning their wedding is this: 

  • Take the time to plan everything you want, don't hold back, you only do this once. 
  • Clear your scedule the days before. 
  • It's hard, but so amazing to see your bride at the altar for the first time. (Ferry suggesting that you wait until you see each other). 
  • Definitely book a hotel with all your dayguests for an afterparty

Ferry & Lieke wanted to give a special thanks to their friends & family for all their efforts in making their day so special. They said it was amazing to have such a personal ceremony and you can clearly see from their photo's that they loved every minute of it! 

I would like to thank Ferry & Lieke for trusting me with their future memories! 

Here are a few more photo's from this very special day: