Friday Already?! - 1980's, South Africa

This week has literally flown by! I can look back on this past week and be thankful for the many many blessings we have... My gorgeous man and I have the most amazing family and wonderfully true friends. A close friend has had a baby, we added two new couples to our Wedding List for this year and we were taught the most precious lesson of all... Which is that life is so short and you never know when your days will run out. Therefore it is so important to count your blessings, live your dreams and do the things you love... now! Not later... now! Tell the people you care about that you do, it will mean the world to them and in turn it will give you peace.

I have to give credit to my mom for making my day when she sent me these two photo's yesterday. I think I still look exactly the same!!! (and don't you change my mind about that!!) Haha.

I used to love sleeping in the car (something about the engine running which I find soothing). After arriving home, I never wanted to wake up! And if you would dare wake me.... Oh boy!

I've been told that I still give the exact same look to the poor soul who dare disturb my sleep! I can't even agree as I never see myself, but I think that I wake up with a smile.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone. And... if you have any old photo's which your mother loves flaunting... then I'd LOVE to see them!