Tawwe Koeki Cake Decorating - Pretoria, South Africa

Earlier this year, I photographed a Cupcake Decorating Class with a difference! It was just so much fun and warmed my heart so much… that I had to blog about it. TAWWE KOEKI is the name of the business, which is located in the Kameelfontein area in Pretoria, South Africa.

In 2012, TAWWE KOEKI was born out of Greta Scheepers’ love for creating art from something which you could eat.

‘Tawwe’ is also the word for ‘Tough’ in Afrikaans and the name of the business (Tough Cookie) is descriptive of the fun attitude with which Greta approaches all her classes. TAWWE KOEKI offers Cupcake- and Cake Decorating classes as well as bake cakes on order.

The mission of TAWWE KOEKi is to not only teach you something new, but to give a class in an atmosphere where you can relax and feel like a new person when you walk out. Almost like a little bit of 'cake decorating therapy'! They want you to remember your experience forever. I have to say...the wide open rustic 'barn conversion' atmosphere with vintage decorations, were special indeed. I felt welcome from the moment I walked in.

The business’ main motto is: “Something made by you is worth so much more than something bought”.

During the Cupacake Decorating  Class, the time was mostly spent cutting out shapes and then shaping them creatively, prior to placing them onto the 6 readymade cupcakes (which were handed to each student). When I say 'the time was mostly spent'… I mean apart from when we were served an ambrosial meal cooked by Greta’s husband with the most delicious fresh bread I have EVER tasted! (oh yes… lunch was included!).

Currently, Greta offers Group Discounts for 6 or more persons and when booking a class of 10, one persons attends for free. The class dates are available upon request by e-mail, but will also soon be published to their Facebook Page as soon as they become available.

This particular class, was mostly attended by an extraordinary group of girls, who all shaved their heads in support of a friend who has cancer. It was a chance to have a fun day out together to have fun and lift their spirits. It was a great day with an inspiring bunch of girls! 

I know I'll be recommending TAWWE KOEKI’s classes in the future and in November, I will be attending a class myself! Yay!!

Business Information:

Tawwe Koeki

Kameelfontein, Pretoria, South Africa

e-mail: scheepersgreta@gmail.com