Erik & Nienke - Stadhuis Alkmaar, The Netherlands

I feel so blessed to be able to say… that I just get to photograph the most amazing couples! Erik and Nienke are definitely one of those special couples who you'd want to be friends with! 

Erik and Nienke met during the training of the Nijmege 4-day marches (of all places!). During their whirlwind romance, they both knew that they were meant to be together (and so did everyone who knew them!). After a short time together, they moved in with each other and soon after, little Kyra graced their lives with love and laughter.

Exactly two years from when they got together, Erik popped the question at the bench near the place where he first went to visit Nienke.

It is so clear that they are dedicated to each other and they’re not afraid to show their love off to the rest of the world.

The bride’s dress was a beautiful knee length dress in soft pink, which she found online. She didn’t want anything ‘over the top’ but still wanted a ‘wedding feel’ to it. She looked beautiful and Erik’s face during the first look…. Said it all!

The wedding took place at the beautiful Stadhuis in Alkmaar.

It was an intimate event during during which they shared this day with those closest to them.

The reception was held at De Bokkesprong in Groet and the weather couldn't have been better if it was ordered.

Nienke mentioned many moments which stood out during her wedding day, but amongst them were Erik’s face when she first walked down the stairs, being so excited to get to the wedding that she forgot the boquet at home (later rescued by Uncle Hans), dancing close to the fireplace at the reception and the Best Man’s speech.

I would love to tell you what their first dance song was, but the moment was quite impromptu and Nienke herself admitted, that she wasn't even listening to the music...

“Having our photo’s taken were extremely nice.... you made us feel at ease (I normally don't like my pictures taken) and you gave really good pointers and were very enthusiastic.” says Nienke.

I'll have to agree with the bride on that comment... I do love celebrating true love and being part of special occasions like this one. So I do get a little excited when it comes to taking the photo's!

Nienke’s advice to other brides was to share the day with those you love the most, be willing to let things go and ensure you bring a sense of humour and a smile with you on the day.

I couldn’t have said that better myself…

Erik and Nienke were a delight to work with and I wish them many wonderful years to come.