Erns & Aninke - Mangwa Valley Game Lodge, South Africa

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Hattingh!

Their wedding was officially the first wedding I photographed in South African and the experience was truly amazing!

The weather… the venue… that amazing dress and the wonderful atmosphere from their family and friends… could not have been better.

Erns and Aninke met on a friend’s game farm and it seemed only right that they would get married on one. You can read more about how they met and where they were engaged HERE.

Both the wedding and the reception was held at Mangwa Valley Game Lodge and was catered by their own chefs. The guests could choose between camembert wrapped in phyllo pastry and Springbok Carpaccio for starters. The main course consisted of a buffet for the which the bride and groom chose the following selection: Roast Leg of Lamb, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Basmati Rice, Butter Parsley Potato’s, Pumpkin Pie, Creamed Spinach and Salad. The dessert…. Oh my was it amazing….. consisted of Malva Pudding with an Amarula Cream Sauce and Crème Brulee.

It was clear that the bride and groom (bride!) spent so much time carefully planning all the little special details for this beautiful wedding, all adding up to make this a wonderful day!

Aninke’s dress was purchased at De La Vida Bridal Couture and she looked breath-taking in it! The dress Aninke was married in was the second dress she had chosen for her special day...   After purchasing the first, she attended a wedding of a good friend who wore the exact same dress!! Luckily Aninke was granted a full refund for the dress and then found the dress she later married in. I would say that everything happens for a reason… as she looked amazing in the dress she finally chose.

Aninke's dad and brother didn't want to miss out on the whole 'getting dressed' phase. So they tried to take a peak at what the bride looked like without her knowing!

When I asked Aninke what her favourite part of the wedding was, she said:

“When the doors opened and I walked into the church. The look on my husband’s face was something I will never forget. That is a feeling that you cannot describe to anyone.”

I asked Erns the same question and his repsonce was:

“Seeing my wife for the first time when the chapel’s doors opened. I never thought that I would start crying… but the emotion of seeing your best friend, and soon-to-be-wife looking that stunning…. Was just overwhelming!"

Okay, enough talk. Here's a few more pictures of their beautiful day!

A few of the people that helped their wedding go off without a hitch was:

The venue (Mangwa Valley Game Lodge) - "They were very flexible! The food was fantastic and the staff friendly".

Hairstylist: Anke (Hairmony Salon) - "She did a fantastic job with the wedding party’s hair".

Flowers (Bella Fiore) - "They did all the décor and the flowers. They did everything, the set-up of all the tables, the flowers in the chapel, the bouquet’s and the men’s button holes. Their services include the clean-up the day afterwards as well. The flowers were beautiful and everything was like I imagined it. They really took off a lot of pressure from me and would recommend them to anyone".

Classic Car - "A big thank you to Erns’ Friend Jean, who was kind enough to provide the gorgeous Cobra which the bride arrived in".

They danced to their first song ‘I won’t give up – Jason Mraz’, which was played by Moby’s Magic Music. The couple wanted to say thanks to the DJs for their professionalism and playing all the right tunes!

The Father and Daughter dance was impromptu and so beautiful!

Aninke's advice to couples planning a wedding, is to enjoy every moment and not to be stressed about things going wrong. The day goes by so fast! She also advises to decide beforehand what is the most important to you, and spend money on that. You don't have to have it all...

Here’s to a wonderful future together! It was a blessing to be part of this day x