My family... my Harley Davidson... sunshine and photography... in that order :)


My first camera from Santa, meeting James Bond, leaving South Africa, the day my gorgeous man brought our bunny home and the thousands of times my father told me he was proud of me... in reverse order... 


I'm proudly South African and and an Army Veteran who will always be green at heart. I love the colourful strangeness of the world and different cultures therein. After University, I relocated to the UK in search of adventure... and ended up living my dreams in more ways than one! 

Having lived in the UK, Germany, some hot and sandy places and now in The Netherlands, I realise that you can't always plan your life but embracing the challenges... takes you to wonderful places where you meet the incredible people whose mere presence makes your life worth living.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that the secret to having it all... is knowing that you already do... :)


The first wedding I photographed in 2005 (on film), changed my life... I knew I was getting to be a part of something really special and I took the responsibility very seriously. 

Since then I've completed a Wedding Photography apprenticeship in the UK and studied Film Photography in Amsterdam. Amongst the numerous other courses, these two were my game changers. I've never looked back and will never stop learning.

I choose to surround myself with love. I focus on capturing emotion, documenting the true life moments. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for and every day I do my best to 'give back' to others.

This is why... I do what I do.

Photo Credit: Esther Schuurmans

Photo Credit: Esther Schuurmans


My passion is telling your story and helping you leave a legacy behind... is my purpose.    

If you'd like to know more about how I plan to tell your story, then click on the button below so we can chat :)